"I'm sorry baby, I'm a bad rude man." -Spike.

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I like Spike a lot and think he's an interesting character. For now this is just going to be a section devoted to fanfic and maybe a few isms and other ideas as I get them.

I have my favorite Spike sound at the bottom of the page, Unfortunatly it's on repeat, my goal is to drive each and everyone of you as insane as Dru. Okay, maybe not. ;-) When it starts to reach breaking point for ya, just scroll down to the bottom of the page to shut it off. See at least I give you that option!!!! Hehehee.

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BUFFY/SPIKE Relationship Fanfic Archive

Hey am I the only one who sees the possible chemistry between Spike and Buffy? They have potential!

~Samantha McCullah~

  WhatWould Happen... Rated PG-13

Awkward Moment Rated PG-13 (I would personaly say rated R)

Total Share Mode (Sequel to Awkward moment rated PG-13)

Remember to Share (Sequel to Total Share Mode)

Comparison, Contrast (Sequel to Remember to Share)

Making Amends (Sequel to "Remember to Share")

Return to Normalcy (series)

Stupid Thing

Battle Scars and Peroxide


Let Me Into Your Heart

With You

Hope Denied


A  Multitude of Sins

Giving Thanks

Belated Cheer

Love's Bitch  (out of a series)

Remember Me  (out of a series)

In Loving Memory (sequal to Remember me)

Not Supposed To (Not related to her other Spike/Buffy stories)

Dare Not to Speak (out of series)

Melt into Me (Not series) [Image]


Must Be the Weather (Rated PG)

~Ivory and Becky~

A Love That Won't Die (Not finished yet)


A Trip to Sunnydale (PG-13)


When the World Turns Around

A Vampire and a Slayer


When Worlds Collide

Where they Went



Beginnings 2

Beginnings 3

Beginnings 4

Beginnings 5

Beginnings 6

Beginnings 7


One Night  


I Should've Bloody Learned My Lesson At Woodstock....

~Theory Queen ~

The Friend of my Enemy

Becoming What Exactly?


A Parody or Love

Let The Hawk Fly Free

~Katie and Laura-Michelle~

Too Human for a Vampire (Not complete)  


Masquerade series


Midnight Stroll

Truth Be Known

Give Love a Chance

Moonlight Chat  

Mirror, Mirror

Love Will Find A Way

Tender Moments (NC-17)

Out of a series by Tiffany

Tricks 'N Treats

~Ripe Wicked Plum~

It Won't Do

Pyramid Scheme

If you have a Buffy/Spike relationship story, please email me with it and I will post it! Help make my archive grow!

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