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This is my new page. It's going to have several things. For now it's my favorite Angel quotes, rating the episode of when Angel was on, and other things as I can think of it.

Laugh out loud humor:laugh.jpg (10038 bytes)

YES! It's true! There are rare moments when Angel made you laugh! No really! You just have to know where to look! ;-)

Laugh 'O Meter

face2.jpg (2690 bytes)1 laugh "Wow that made me smirk"

 wpe3.jpg (1455 bytes)wpe4.jpg (1455 bytes)  2 laughs "I didn't know he had it in him!"

wpe5.jpg (1455 bytes)wpe7.jpg (1455 bytes)wpe8.jpg (1455 bytes)3 laughs. "Wow Angel! Do you want to sit down?"


Laugh 1:

When: First season

Where:  The Alley way

What: "Welcome to the HellMouth"

Why: To taunt Buffy I suppose.

Buffy: "Well, maybe I don't want a friend!"

Angel: "I didn't say I was your's."

Laugh 'O Meter saids! wpe9.jpg (1455 bytes)   It was a little amusing.

Laugh 2:

When First Season

Where: The Bronze

What:  "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"

Why: He was a jealous man!

This isn't a verbal thing it's the look he gives Owen when Buffy introduces him. That typical "I'm a male get out of my way" look.

Laugh 'O Meter saids! wpeA.jpg (1455 bytes)wpeB.jpg (1455 bytes)  I would give it three, but I suppose it wasn't THAT funny. Although I cracked up!

Laugh 3:

When: First Season

Where: The Alley Way (Shocker)

What: "Angel"

Why: He's a freak.

Angel: "Good dogs don't bite!"

Laugh 'O Meter saids! wpeD.jpg (1455 bytes) It was vaguly amusing in a really corny way.

Laugh 4:

When: First Season

Where: The Library

What: "Prophecy Girl"

Why: He didn't know it was funny!

Angel: "By the way I really like your dress."

Laugh 'O Meter saids! wpeE.jpg (1455 bytes) It was funny, but he didn't know he was being funny. :-)

Laugh 5:

When: Second Season

Where:  In the graveyard

What: "Some Assembly Required"

Why: He was mad.

Angel: "'Danced with' is a pretty loose term. 'Mated with' might be a little closer."

Laugh 'O Meter saids! wpeB.jpg (1455 bytes)   wpeB.jpg (1455 bytes)   That was pretty funny. You go Angel. The fiesty non brooding side!

Laugh 6:

When: Second Season

Where: The Library

What: "Some Assembly Required"

Why: He was teasing?

Angel: "Cordilia, this is the last place I expected you to be hanging out."

Laugh 'O Meter saids! wpeB.jpg (1455 bytes)    It was amusing. :-)

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I went to a webpage that recently said that David makes Angel only have one face. That's not true and I'm here to prove it!

Stunned Angel (aka Oh my!)

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Sexy stud (aka You want me and I know it." Angel look

sexy.jpg (7412 bytes)

Jealous Angel (aka She's mine)

jealous.jpg (8483 bytes)

Manly look (aka you think you can take me?)

manly.jpg (6341 bytes)



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This is how good of an "Angel" episode it was judging by, acting, appearence, attractiveness (what can I say it's a sexsist world!) how much the character grew (history and stuff) and just plain "Wow that Angel episode stunned me..."


lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) 1 little angel "Well at least Angel was in it!"


lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes)  A few good lines, I liked the fact that *fill in blank here*

lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes)  Good acting, maybe not a lot learned but some great angelicness

lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes)  Wow! Lot's reveled this is one of the  best Angel episode I ever saw!


(The unique angel) I have never seen another episode like this. Wow. It may not be good, it may not be bad, but it was definatly different then a ordinary Angel episode.


1. Season premere "Welcome to the HellMouth"

Quote of the Episode:

Buffy: "Maybe I don't want a friend!"

Angel: "I didn't say I was yours..."

lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes)

There was okay acting, but you didn't know much about his character I liked the fact that he was a mysterious stranger who just appeared and gave her a cross. The whole "Under cover deal."

Not much revealed about his character other then that he exsists.

He appeared the tall dark stranger one word yum.

2. Second half "The Harvest"

Quote of the episode

Angel: "She did it! All be damned" (Psst Angel, you are!)

lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes)

More revealed about the character. He's a loner with few friends. Hey why didn't little Angel sizzle in the sun? Hmmmmmm magic! Fairly good acting although at one point when Angel said "Good Luck" it sounded like he had an accent

3.  "Amends" (I know it's out of order but I can't help myself!)

Quote of the episode

Angel: "Am I a thing worth saving huh?! Am I a ritous man?!" (Of course you are Angel! ;-) )

lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes) lilangel.jpg (3764 bytes)

Not only was this an outstanding Angel episode it was also very unique! Finally we get to learn a little about the past of evil Angelus. It's about time! Excelent acting by David! Emmy nomination for sure! David was in it a lot which is a plus. And the long hair wasn't so great, but the Angel of 1998 was great! :-)

* Coming soon "more on angelicness,", and more "Faces, faces"

Plus: "Voting booth, "Vote for your favorite Angel episode, and your   favorite angel expression."


What you're still here? Get lost! ;-)
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