My FAQ about myself and my webpage.

Okay I don't get a TON of questions through email, but some of the ones I do get are the same ones. So here is the answer to some of the common questions I am asked.

I. Questions about me and my site..

1. Who are you?

Answer- My name is Heather.

2. No really, who are you? Your David/Sarah/the show producer aren't you?

A- No. I'm not anyone from the show, I don't work for the show. Please don't ask me this question anymore. :-)

3. How old are you?

A- I'm 20 years old and I go to college. For more information about me go here.

4. Hey can you tell me when your going to update your webpage?

A- Sure! Just email me and in the subject line put "Subscribe Update"

5.  What are the cast's email address.

A- They dont' have one that I'm aware of. IF you wish to contact a member of the show write to

Actor's name

c/o Buffy the Vampire Slayer

c/o WB Television Network

4000 Warner Blvd.

Burbank CA 91522

6. Hey! When are you going to write Stone Cold/ other stories.

A. When I get the time! :-) I do not plan on starting Stone Cold until the summer so I can have total concentration. Other stories I will do as I can.

7. Can I borrow some of your picture/graphics?

A. Sure! Most of my graphics are borrowed from other people! A few I scanned myself so please ask permission. My collagues are mine, and I do not want you to use them unless you give me utter credit and a link back to my page. Unless other wise noted your more then welcome to borrow my grahpics. Please just email me your site so I can check it out! :-)

8. Why don't you change the sound at the bottom of your  romance page?

A- I like that sound! :-)

9. When are you  going to add Xander and Cordilia to your "Romance Cafe" page?

 A- When I get the time and the ideas on what to put on there. :-)

10.  Can you send <fill in blank> pictures?

A- No, I really dont' have time to do this for you. I'm sorry. :-( You may copy most of  the pictures I do have on my page.

11. When did you start this page?

A- I started "Angel of the Night" October 15th 1997.

12.  Hey David, I love you will you write me?

A- I'm not David, Sarah or any other cast member.

13. How come you take so long to answer Emails?

A- Sorry, I try to get to emails asap but sometimes I get really busy! :-)

14. What program do you use to make your collages/and graphics?

A- Adobe Photo Works deluxe, buisness edition. If you would like me to create graphics/and or banners for you site, go ahead and ask me. :-)

That's if for now! If I get more I'll add. :-)

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I scanned this graphic please ask permission before using.