Well everyone else is doing it! I want to give awards out to good sites too! :-) Okay I have three awards.

Award 1

The Romance Award!

This requires,

A. Romance about Buffy and Angel.

B. Nice graphics.

C. A loving tender touch! Well ya know, I can tell you worked on it. ;-)

Here is the award you will get

Of course it won't have Sample on it! ;-)

Winner's of the Romance Award!

The Buffy & Angelverse awarded August 14th

Angel Love Eternal awarded February 8th.

Award 2.

The "Angel" award. :-)

This requires.

A. A page about Angel preferably.

But it can also be about Buffy and just have an Angel section.

B. Unique creative design.

C. Fun and interesting to look at!

Of course if you want this smaller I can manage that. :-) I just like it big. Plus again no Sample!

And the winner's are....!

Angel Rocks  awarded June 19th.

SAFESA  awarded June 19th.

On Angel's Wings Awarded June 19th.

Angel's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Site  awarded June 21st.

Angel Soul awarded June 21st.

Angel Star awarded June 23erd

Empress Lisette's Land of Buffy the Vampire Slayer  awarded August 11th.

Over the edge and into the abyss.BtVS fanfiction   awarded October 2nd

The Slayer's Chamber awarded October 2nd

Angel's Paradise awarded December 8th

Award 3.

The "interesting" Angel award.


A. I have to pick it out. This is for sties that I feel are really great and unique. If you apply for the awards above and I feel the site is great I'll give you this one instead, or both.  :-)  The "interesting" award will also have the name of your site on it. :-)

PLEASE NOTE!!!!! I don't want people nominating themselves for this award anymore. The point is I have to nominate you because I think it's a great site! I'm sorry but in the future if you nominate yourself for this award I am going to automatically disqualify you. I know this sounds bitchy, but it annoys me that you guys aren't reading the requirements! Don't worry if I think your site is a great one you'll get this award anyway! Thank you!


Three winner's so far!

The Buffer (June 19th)

Great fanfiction!

Angel's Secrets (June 19th)

Great graphics!

Angel's apartment. (June 19th)

Just fun to go to! ;-)

Where Evil Reigns (June 19th)

Lot's of effort, and good fanfic!

The Slayer Diaries (June 23erd)

Great site, lot's of info, and cool banners.

A Tribute To Xander (June 25th)

This is a GREAT Xander site, lots of info GO look! :-)

Michelle's BTVS Page (June 25th)

I don't know where to begin! Desk Top's, animated gifs, scripts, fanfiction, just go there!

Slayer in Sunnydale (July 15)

Although there is a lot of general stuff seen everywhere she does have a section called "Dear Mom" that's pretty cute, and unique. Good layout nice and neat.  And pictures not seen very often on webpages. :-)

Buffyholics Anonymous (August 14th)

A general site. Nothing to unique on this page, but it's really well layed out. and I really liked the graphics, and design. :-)

The Slayer's Game Page (Awarded October 2nd)

This site is very unique with all kinds of games you can play. One of the first sites I saw out there dedicated to all kinds of games. Have fun kids! ;-)

Angel's Shrine of Drool (Awarded December 27th)

This site is great! Very drool worthy of Angel. Pictures, film clips, fanfiction, quotes, and chats.

That's it!

Award 4.

The Potential Award


This is a new award for sites just starting out. I know a lot of sites email me when there just starting and they don't have a whole lot of stuff up, but I can tell there website will one day be something great, so this is for you!

A. I prefer the webpage to be about Angel, again, since this is an Angel website. But again it can be about Buffy and have an Angel section.

B. I like the way you have started your webpage, in other words it looks interesting and different from other pages.

C. Nice graphics. Potential does not mean. "This site is going to be about Angel, email me for suggestions" You have to have something on there.

That's it. Here's the award you will get.

The winners so far.

1. David's Den Awarded January 9th.

2. Molly's Buffy Page Awarded January 16th.

To apply for the award please E-Mail  at AutumnSun@aol.com  me and give me the following information.

A. Your name

B. Your Email address.

C. Site Title.

D. Your URL.

E. Which award "Romance", "Angel hot site", or "The Potential award" you are applying for.

That's it! Good luck! :-)

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