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"Ever wish you could close your eyes and be some place else?" ~ me

Okay I recently deleted this page by accident so It's going to be a while before every thing is back.

Random Links: (For sites that aren't Angel based)

Click to Enter the Thundering Looney Bin

Domain of the Slain Link

The Buffer

The Kewlest Buffy Site!


soundsoftheslayer.jpg (9244 bytes) I have to say this is one of my favorite sites, go download happy over there!

No Vampires Admitted or Risk of Severe Burning...

The Buffy Cross & Stake

Hey this site is just starting out, but it's really cute! Go take a look! :-)

The Saints of TV

Fortune City deleted her site! That's why her awesome fanfic site hasen't been there. There should be a complain letter sent to Fortune City!!!

The Best of Buffy's Bestest Links

Angel Love's Site

That's all the random links for now. Got a random site you want here? Just email me, we'll talk buisness.

Angel Links: (Okay now is the time for Angel links! This is where I put the links of sites primarly devoted to Angel. :-)  )

The BAFFA (Buffy/Angel Fanficion Archive) This site is just getting started but it really has a lot of potentional for a great archive for Buffy/Angel fanfiction. Go there and read. :-)

Angel Star- Doesn't have tons of stuff but hey it's primarly devoted to Angel which is what I like!

Angel's Paradise- Some good graphics, and although not a whole lot, once again a page devoted to Angel.

Angel's Apartment

David Boreanaz Online


That's all the Angel sites for now. Please help me! I lost most of my Angel sites help me get them back!! Ack! Do you have a site primarly devoted to Angel or at least Ange/Buffy then send it here by emailing me!

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