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Well I'm such a big fan of Angel and Buffy romance, don't ask me why, I just am.

 So what do you think, is Angel and Buffy's love hopeless? Let me know.


Angel and Buffy, are they hopeless?

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Remember those times that Angel and Buffy acually kissed?

Well I'm here to tell ya when and the rate of the kisses.

Kiss 'O Meter

qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)3 kisses. Whew! Melted the roof baby!

qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)2 kisses. Aw that was so sweet. :)

qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)1 kiss. Bittersweet and sad.

[Image]Sticking out tounge kiss. aka "You jerk! Stake 'em Buffy!" kiss! The more

"Sticking out the tounge kisses the more a jerk Angel was!

They actually had the horrible nerve to make Angel evil!

Kiss number 1:

In Buffy's bedroom: Kiss 'O Meter saids! qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)

It was such a sweet kiss. Very tender!

of course then Angel turned into a vampire and kind of ruined it! Oh well!

Kiss Number 2:

At the Bronze. Kiss 'O Meter saids! qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)

This kiss was very Bittersweet, when they were done they had to leave eachother

suppostly forever. :'(

Kiss Number 3:

In Buffy's bedroom again!  (Halloween) Kiss 'O Meter saids! qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)

Whew I felt the heat of that kiss! All I have  to say is HOT! HOT! HOT! :)

Kiss Number 4:

On the ice skating rink. Kiss 'O Meter saids!  qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)

Awwww, that was the sweetest kiss! The way Angel was ashmed of his vamp. face

and then Buffy kissed Angel with his vamp face on! What a gal! What a guy! :)

Kiss Number 5:

Angel's apartment in episode "Ted" Kiss 'O Meter saids! qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)

Whew! Man, make out city! (Okay so I'm being immature here, deal with it!) Got

to love this kiss! :-)

Kiss Number 6:

In the Graveyard scenes in episode "Bad Eggs" Kiss 'O Meter saids! qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)

Dang! What a hot kiss. :-)

Kiss Number 7:

In Buffy's bedroom episode "Bad Eggs" I'd have to say  a Catigory all it's own. Kind of sweet, kind of steamy. No kisses.

Kiss Number 8:

Ah heck I'm loosing track! They kiss to much now! :-)

Episode "Surprise" Angel's apartment (beginning of episode)

Kiss 'O Meter saids! qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes) I think they only have hot kisses now. ;-)

Kiss Number 9:

At the docks in episode "Surprise" Kiss 'O Meter saids! qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)

That was sad! :-( Angel was leaving!

Kiss Number 10:

Angel's apartment in episdoe "Surprise"

The Kiss "O Meter saids' two rating's  qkiss2.gif (495 bytes) because it was kind of sad!

qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)Because it was also very sweet. :-)

Kiss Number 11:

Angel's apartment in 'Innocence" Kiss 'O Meter saids! [Image]

Stake 'em Buffy!

Kiss Number 11:

In the hallway episode "Innocence" Kiss 'O Meter saids! [Image][Image]


Kiss Number 12:

Season finale "Becoming part 2." Kiss 'O Meter saids! qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)

OhmiGod wthat kiss was SO sad! I cried in this episode! :-( I know for a fact that DB

is coming back next season but I wonder how there going to fix this?

Kiss Number 13:

"Revlations" Kiss'O Meter saids! qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)qkiss2.gif (495 bytes)

Wow, Angel, Buffy, Get a room! ;-)

That's all the kisses for now! Hopefully they will kiss again soon.

 What do you think the hottest kiss was so far?

Favorite kiss?

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Here are romanctic moment pictures.

wpe2E.jpg (10641 bytes) This is just a romantic picture. :)

wpe2F.jpg (10410 bytes)My favorite picture! I love this one!

wpe30.jpg (5028 bytes)Very bittersweet moment.

wpe33.jpg (4964 bytes)Aw yes one of "The kisses"

wpe32.jpg (7576 bytes)Good picture! :)

wpe1.jpg (6998 bytes) I just like that picture of Angel and Buffy.

 [Image]Isn't this a cute picture? Buffy wearing the "famous jacket."

[Image]Yummm! Okay that's Angel. But this was a cute scene anyways. :-)

*Coming soon! Xander and Cordilla , Willow an Oz, and Maybe even Spike and Buffy.

I think those two have potential! <G> They will join the Romance Cafe. First I have

to think up ideas of what to do with them!

That's all for now! Come back soon and I'll have more stuff. :)

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Keeper of Angel's anguish.

"I've just gotta..... walk away from this." Angel. from episode: "Angel."

"I'm sorry. I'll go. I missed you..." Angel from episode:

"When She Was Bad."

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