Have you ever been in love with a dream?  How about a vampire?  Star Crossed Lovers

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The story behind Buffy and AngelMeet the actors who portray the lovers
A Buffy and Angel Message board that you can use to discuss the couple and catch the latest news about the show.A place to chat with other Buffy and Angel fans in almost real time.  Java needed.  See the posting board to schedual a chat or find a time already schedualed
The most Frequently Asked Questions about Star-Crossed Lovers.Over 1,000 images of David and Sarah
A file documenting all the onscreen kissage Buffy and Angel have sharedSounds of Buffy and Angel from your favorite episodes
The latest news, gossip, rumors, and magazine/show listings, plus a BtVS Schedual Thank you's to all the people and pages I have mooched from :-)
Various webrings that will link you directly to other  Buffy  sitesLyrics and sounds of all the Buffy and Angel songs played
Links to great Buffy related pages around the netAwards that have been given to Star-Crossed Lovers

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