Hey Welcome to Beautiful Angel. All about David Boreanaz and Angel the Series. Hope you like it. Well enjoy your stay and keep coming back!! And pls Take a look at My Wallpapers and Image art ..they're pretty cool..
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11-25-2001 ---> Hey ...i've added 2 new
David Boreanaz wallpapers click here to see it, and a new POTW, and i have removed a couple things (wallpapers, image art) of this site.

10-21-2001 ----> Hey Today i've 4 new Wallpapers
-2 David Boreanaz
-1 Michelle Trachtenberg
-1 Sarah Michelle Gellar
here to see the new Wallpapers
and i've added an
e-mail form and a new Pic of the week.

09-18-2001 -~---~---> hey got new graphics on this page...neways..i'll soon update this Site..

08-19-01-> hey added
1 new Michelle Trachtenberg wallpaper click here to see it, and got new graphics on this page.

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