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I started this website a long time ago, it seems now - in 2000, or maybe even 1999. Originally it existed as a page on my universty internet account, before migrating to geocities and finally to my own webspace. It's now been effectively closed since Buffy finished. I don't like to say this! No one likes a dead website, but I hope there's enough here to interest Buffy scholars or the future. I can't help but wonder if, in 100 years, the internet in its current state will survive. I certainly hope so.

Why did I make a website? For many reasons! But primarily because I felt like there was a part of my life, something that really interested me, which I wanted to discuss with others. At the time I was an English literature student, but it wasn't until I finished university that I started thinking about Buffy seriously, and having an absorbing, if sometimes fraught, time discussing and debating and occassionally arguing about Buffy at the AtPoBtVS posting board. At the time I was doing a pretty awful job, and one of the things that got me through was watching episodes of Buffy, and thinking about them seriously in the way that I once thought about Dostoyvesky and Camus. It gave me something to do with my brain.

When Buffy ended, I was satisfied. It happened at a time of my life when I was going through somewhat of a metamorphoses, in terms of what direction I thought my life was going to take. In fact, I missed the second half of Season 7 because I was in India. It didn't feel in a great hurry to watch it when I got back, though inevitably I watched pretty much the whole thing in the space of a few days!

Now I'm living in Japan, and though at the moment I'm missing my Buffy DVDs, having not watched any Buffy (besides the final season of Angel) for more than a year, I don't feel the urge to go back and reassess the show. There's something living about a TV show which makes it great, but infinitely more so because people are discussing it as it happens. That's a special thing.

Thanks for reading.

The title of Slain by Buffy is inspired by a song by Scottish noise-pop band Urusei Yatsura called Slain by Elf, which is a very cool song. It goes something like 'We're so bored of our boards we'll slay you, wow wow, yeah you're slain, you're slain, slain by elf.'

When my site was ickle, I decided the whole thing would be freely distributable, but now there's a lot of my own personal work on it I'm more uppity about people appropriating things. So, in other words don't nick my artwork! Also I'd prefer if you linked to my 'Once More With Feeling' tabs rather than used them on your website, but I probably won't kill you (very much) if I see my tabs somewhere else.
The rest of my site is free game, providing you acknowledge your sources and link to the site.

Enough people complement me on my site design, so I must be doing something right. Designed in Mozilla Composer and Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. Other HTML, CSS and stuff was done by hand (i.e by copying it out of tutorials).
Graphics were all done with Adobe Photoshop 7, and are my own creations. The images of Sarah Michelle Gellar were taken from The rest of the images we gleaned due to the helpful Google image search. If you want to ask how I did something, then email me and I'll be happy to give you a confusing explanation, or at least point in the right direction.

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Copywrights are great things, apparently, or at least they must be for every Buffy site in the universe to make a point of mentioning them. So I suppose I should do as well.

I don't own any of the trademark names used on this site. Although I don't think you can copyright 'Buffy', as it is, somewhat improbably, an actual name. Short for 'Buffina', perhaps. Or maybe 'Buffinette'. The rights to the show, and to Angel the Series, are owned by Joss Whedon and maybe David Greenwalt, and possibly also 20th Century Fox. But not the UPN or the WB because they don't make the shows!

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