HMC @ Dragon*Con: 4 years of Geekiness
For the last 3 years, the HMC crew has gone to Dragon*Con and had a blast, covering everything that is Whedon at the convention. To celebrate our drunken yet original features, articles and images from the Atlanta-based convention, we present to you a tribute to D*C....

4 Years of Geekiness


- We decided to go a completely different route than the previous years and create a TV show out of our antics at the convention. "HMC: Live...and Still Recorded" was born. CLICK HERE to see the episodes.

- To be perfectly honest, we took about a million pictures at Dragon*Con, and somehow only ended up with one page. We don't know how that happened. CLICK HERE to see the pics.


- The Jewel Staite interview! She was very sweet and generous, and we were apparently nervous and ill-prepared. Shocking, I know. CLICK HERE for the interview.

- SevenofTN reports Day One from Atlanta! CLICK HERE for that.

- Aeryn's "Divine Musing" on Jewel Staite at D*C. CLICK HERE for the article.

- We had tons of 2004 pics. CLICK HERE for them.


- The James C. Leary interview! He was hilarious and pretty damn cool. CLICK HERE for the transcript of the interview.

- Jon Riggins' Weekly Ascension article - "A Weekend at Dragon*Con"! CLICK HERE to read it.

- Fiatlux reports from Atlanta! DAY ONE, DAY 2 & 3, and DAY 4 & 5.

- Otts' DragonCon Parodies - which are about as inside as jokes go. CLICK HERE for series #1. CLICK HERE for series #2.

- HMC Crew Quotables! There are quite some doozies. CLICK HERE for those.

- Some extremely extensive stats from DragonCon and the crew. CLICK HERE to read 'em.

- Tons of pics from '03! CLICK HERE to view.

So we've covered a lot. We plan to cover more this year. Keep up-to-date on all everything with our coverage from the convention, or you could put some cash together and come see us. Just remember to bring your own booze. We don't share.

Here's to ya, D*C.