Welcome to Hell.
NEWS: SMG in "The Return" -- First pic & Synopsis!
"Gellar plays Joanna Mills, a tough young Midwesterner determined to learn the truth behind the increasingly terrifying supernatural visions that have been haunting her." Spooooky.
Posted: 8.01.06
EXCLUSIVE: Ask Buffy Season 8 Comic Artist -- Georges Jeanty!
Our resident comic reviewer Seven has an exclusive interview with Georges at Dragon*Con this year, and he would love it if you'd contribute...[Read More]
Posted: 7.29.06
IMAGES: First Pics of Morena Baccarin on Stargate SG-1!
The episode is called, "Counterstrike"(10x7) and will most likely air at the end of August. For more on the episode, including spoilers, head to Gateworld.net.
Posted: 7.28.06
NEWS: Mercedes McNab Interview
She talks to IF Magazine about her new movie, "Hatchet" and about her time on Buffy and Angel...and she gets her nails done. No, I'm serious.
Posted: 7.28.06
NEWS: Info on New IDW Comics!
Solicitation information on Angel: Masks and Spike: Asylum #2.
Posted: 7.26.06
NEWS: FOX announces Fall Lineup Premiere Dates
"Bones" 2nd season premiere airs Wednesday, August 30th @ 8:00pm. The premiere of "Standoff" (starring Gina Torres) airs Tuesday, September 5th @ 8:00pm.
Posted: 7.26.06
NEWS: Nick Brendon in "Lobster Alice" starting tonight @ The Blank Theatre Co.
In Los Angeles. The link will take you to the "Break A Leg Nicholas Project". You can contribute to opening and closing night gifts. For more on Lobster Alice click here.
Posted: 7.26.06
NEWS: Interview with Morena Baccarin
From Eclipse Magazine. She talks about Serenity/Firefly and her recent role on Stargate SG1.
Posted: 7.25.06
NEWS: IDW New Releases for this week...
"Spike" TPB, "Angel" Scriptbook, "Angel: Spotlight Doyle", and "Spike vs. Dracula" #4.
Posted: 7.25.06
NEWS: Marti Noxon on "What If..."
She talks about Buffy Season 8, Faith Season 1, and leather erotica. Okay...the first two.
Posted: 7.25.06
NEWS: Astonishing X-Men #16 Preview Pages!
3 pages in all. And look....Kitty's on the cover! Of a Joss Whedon-penned X-Men??! I never thought THAT would happen.
Posted: 7.25.06
NEWS: David Boreanaz "Bones" Comic-Con Panel Recap
He seems in good spirits...? From the Futon Critic.
Posted: 7.25.06
PIC OF THE WEEK: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Looking as beautiful as ever and being very gracious with her time as she introduces a Grudge 2 documentary.
Posted: 7.24.06
NEWS: Summer Glau returns to "The 4400" this Sunday!
Tess is back this Sunday on USA network. Check out the trailer the all-new episode by clicking above.
Posted: 7.24.06
POLL RESULTS: Which Buffy Alum Project do you want to see most?
Looks like we have ourselves a tie. David Boreanaz and James Marsters tie with 16.4% of the votes.
Posted: 7.24.06
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