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 Sitename  Language  Category Rating Real URL
  The Real Buffy dutch Buffy 8 http://home.planet.nl/~gerve128/
 Sitename  Language  Category Rating Real URL
  Buffy Italia World italian Angel & Buffy 7 http://www.buffyitalianworld.com
  Buffymaniac italian Angel & Buffy 8 http://www.buffymaniac.it/
  Buffy Italian Dimension italian Buffy 5 http://www.freewebs.com/buffy-s-dimension/
  Buffy Galaxy english / italian Buffy 5 http://www.buffygalaxy.com/
  Buffyvs italian Buffy 3 http://www.buffyvs.altervista.org/ 
  Classy Uptown Girl italian Buffy 3 http://www.classyuptowngirl.com/
  Foreverbuffy italian Buffy 7 http://www.foreverbuffy.com
  Buffy Online italian Buffy 2 http://it.geocities.com/steo902003/BuffyOnline.html
  Marzia Slayersworld italian Buffy 3 http://web.tiscali.it/xalamodi/slayersworld
  Princes to the Noir italian Buffy 5 http://rogiari.altervista.org/
  Eliza Dushku Italia italian Actor 4 http://elizadushku.altervista.org/
  SpkeJem italian Actor 3 http://www.spikejem.com/UnofficialJamesMarsters/home.htm
  The Anya World italian Actor 5 http://www.theanyaworld.com/
  Bya english / italien Awards 5 http://www.bya.altervista.org
 Sitename  Language  Category Rating Real URL
  La Cazadora spanish Buffy 7 http://www.escena.ya.com/buffycazavampi/
  Buffyzone spanish Buffy 4 http://buffyzone.iespana.es
  BUffy Argentina spanish Buffy 5 http://buffyargentina.iespana.es
  Entre Lineas spanish Buffy 6 http://entrelineas.iespana.es
  Darkspike spanish Actor 4 http://darkspike.50webs.com/
  Eliza Dushku Espaniol spanish Actor 6 http://eliza-dushku.iespana.es/
  michelle-trachtenberg.iespana.es/ spanish Actor 6 http://michelle-trachtenberg.iespana.es/
  Mark Blucas Argentina spanish Actor 4 http://fotosmarc.webcindario.com
  Bloody Love spanish Actor 6 http://www.bloodylove.com
  telefilm-fan-Community.cmsite.tv spanish Community 8 http://telefilm-fan-Community.cmsite.tv
 Sitename  Language  Category Rating Real URL
  Serie Angel französisch Angel /Buffy 5 http://serieangel.free.fr
  K'Ombre du Vampire französisch Buffy 6 http://perso.orange.fr
 Sitename  Language  Category Rating Real URL
  SpikeLuve SpuffyRealm
(Be Aware Fraud Fundings!)
english Angel & Buffy 1 http://spikeluver.com/SpuffyRealm/browse.php
  Angel of the Night english Angel & Buffy 1 http://members.aol.com/AutumnSun/Angel.html
  Salvation english Angel & Buffy 7 http://pure-evilness.com/buffy/
  Drink my Soul english Angel & Buffy 6 http://drinkmysoul.altervista.org/
  Hellmouthcentral english Angel & Buffy 8 http://www.hellmouthcentral.com/
  Spoiler Slayer english Angel & Buffy 6 http://www.spoilerslayer.com/
  Buffy vs Angel english Angel & Buffy 6 http://www.buffy-vs-angel.com
  Buffyworld.com english Angel & Buffy 7 http://www.buffyworld.com
  Destinything english Angel & Buffy 5 http://www.destinything.com
  Whedons World english Angel & Buffy 7 http://www.whedonsworld.com/
  Buffy und Angel Trivia Guide english Angel & Buffy 7 http://www.restlessbtvs.com
  Whedon.info english Angel & Buffy 7 http://www.whedon.info
  Angel FCPage english Angel 4 http://angel.fcpages.com/
  Angel-us.com Photo Gallery english Angel 7 http://gallery.angel-us.com
  City of Angel english Angel 8 http://www.cityofangel.com
  Darlas Angel.com english Angel 7 http://www.darlasangel.com/
  Angel Secrets english Angel 5 http://www.secretsofangel.com/
  Beautiful Angel english Angel 3 http://www.geocities.com/davidbangel
  Captivating Screencaps english Angel 3 http://www.geocities.com/angelcaps730
  Angel Acolyte english Angel 7 http://www.angelsacolyte.com/
  Buffy Coollector english Buffy 7 http://www.buffycollector.com
  Buffy Collectible Card Game english Buffy 7 http://www.btvsccg.com
  Buffy RPG Products english Buffy   http://www.btvsrpg.com
  Slayage International Journal english Buffy 7 http://www.slayage.tv
  The Buffy Files english Buffy 2 http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/4904/smgmain.html
  thevampireslayer.co.uk english Buffy 3 http://www.thevampireslayer.co.uk
  thewatcherscouncil.net/ english Buffy 8 http://www.thewatcherscouncil.net/
  TV Epiodenguide english Buffy 3 http://www.geocities.com/tvepisodeguide
  Slay Time english Buffy 2 http://www.geocities.com/slay_time/
  Daydream Nation english Buffy 3 http://www.daydreamnation.co.uk/buffy/index.html
  The Slayer english Buffy 5 http://www.theslayer.de
  Angelic Slayer english Buffy 5 http://www.angelicslayer.com
  Buffyguide english Buffy 6 http://www.buffyguide.com
  btvschosen english Buffy 7 http://www.btvschosen.com
  Slayer Spirit english Buffy 4 http://slayerspirit.webcindario.com
  Fangirl english Buffy 8 http://inner-moppet.net/fangirl
  an-unforgettable-obsession.com/ english Buffy 6 http://www.an-unforgettable-obsession.com/
  Wolfs Lair english Buffy 7 http://wolf.wolflair.net
  Destructo Girl english Buffy 8 http://www.destructo-girl.com/
  To The Bronze english Buffy 4 http://www.geocities.com/tothebronze
  Chosenart english Buffy 7 http://dana.thedudes.nu/chosenart/
  The Sunnydale Slayer.com english Buffy 7 http://thesunnydaleslayer.com
  Buffy International english Buffy 7 http://www.buffy.in/
  The Erotic Adventures of Buffy & Willow english Buffy 8 http://buffy.slayers.co.uk
  Inspired english Buffy Fanarts 8 http://www.shadows-and-dust.co.uk/Inspired/
  Tabula Rasa english Actor 7 http://www.btvs-tabularasa.net
  Bloody Awful Poet Society english Actor 6 http://bloodyawfulpoet.com
  Always Alexis english Actor 5 http://alwaysalexis.kabeka.com
  Faith Solace english Actor 6 http://faithsolace.com
  The Perfect Thing english Actor 5 http://inner-moppet.net/perfect/
  Koves english Actor 5 http://www.squashduck.com/ltd
  Here with me english Actor 6 http://www.sweet-hope.net/hwm/
  Alyson Hannigan english Actor 3 http://www.geocities.com/alysonleehannigan
  Star Crossed Lovers english Actor 2 http://www.geocities.com/Area51/dimension/2636
  faith-online.com english Actor 6 http://faith-online.com
  Little Sister english Actor 6 http://www.slaying-for-dummies.net/~dawn/
  The Meaning of Oz english Actor 6 http://dana.thedudes.nu/oz
  I Dont bite english Actor 6 http://www.idontbite.co.uk
  Put Your Hands english Actor 5 http://www.firepretty.com/putyourhands/
  Eternalwitch english Awards 3 http://digilander.libero.it/eternalwitch/
  Fatal Destiny Awards v2 english Awards 5 http://fataldestiny.piranho.com/versionbuffy.htm
  Fatal Destiny Awards english Awards 5 http://fataldestiny.piranho.com/
  lietomeawards english Awards 5 http://www.freewebs.com/lietomeawards
  Sunnydale Memorial Fanficion Awards english Awards 5 http://sunnydawards.dragonydreams.com
  Blood Ties Awards english Awards 7 http://www.blood-ties.net
  Shades of Grey Awards english Awards 5 http://awards.creative-musings.com
  Shadows and Dust Fanficiton Awards english Awards 6 http://www.shadows-and-dust.co.uk/SDFA
  Fancy Me Your Awards english Award 7 http://www.firepretty.com/fmya
  System Failure english Fanlisting 6 http://www.katieswirls.co.uk/systemsfailure/
  Back to the Beginning english Fanlisting 6 http://miraino.godzijdank.nl/b7
  Becoming english Fanlisting 7 http://www.rav-ished.net/becoming/
  Summers Gift english Fanlisting 7 http://www.ucbuffy.bun.com/buffyfan.htm
  The Mystic Muse english Fanfiction 4 http://mysticmuse.net/
  the damned english Fanfiction 5 http://thedamned.altervista.org
  sinfularchive.com english Fanfiction 5 http://www.sinfularchive.com
  Precarious english Fanfiction 7 http://www.slaying-for-dummies.net/~precarious/
  Virtual Slayer BS9 AS6 english Fanfiction 7 http://members.home.nl/allycat
  Primordial Soul english Fanfiction 5 http://www.primordialsouls.com
  The Buffer english Fanfiction 6 http://thebuffer.smithereen.net/
  Dream with me english Fanficiton 7 http://www.shadows-and-dust.co.uk/Dream/
  Desired Crossover Fanfiction english Fanfiction 7 http://www.shadows-and-dust.co.uk/Desired/
  Shadow and Dust Fanfiction Archive english Fanfiction 6 http://www.shadows-and-dust.co.uk/index2.htm
  Willow the Series english Fanfiction 7 http://willow.just-nick.net
  The BTVS Writers Guild english Fanfiction 7 http://btvswritersguild.dymphna.net
  Soulmates english Fanfiction 7 http://www.redssoulmates.com
  EverySixSeconds english Fanfiction 6 http://everysixseconds.com
  www.bloodshedverse.com english Fanfiction 7 http://www.bloodshedverse.com
  One Good Lay english Fanfiction 7 http://www.firepretty.com/onegoodlay
  Richess English Fanfiction 5 http://www.firepretty.com/richess
  Sinister Attraction english Fanfiction 7 http://www.sinister-attraction.org
  Sightly over The Edge english Fanfiction 4 http://www.trinitylast.com/thedge
  bringonthebloodshed.com english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com
  Axis of Love english Fanfiction 5 http://www.axisoflove.org
  Slinkys Storybox english Fanfiction 4 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/slinky
  Lost in Spike english Fanfiction 6 http://www.lostinspike.com
  It Runs even deeper english Fanfiction 6 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/selene/deep/deep
  Chasing the Night english Fanfiction 5 http://www.diabola.net
  An Oracle Passion english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/oracleholly
  Titans Together BItch english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/redwulf
  Blood Roses english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/bloodandroses
  Spikelovebite english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/lovebite
  Vamptales english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/vamptales
  Dark Sacred Dreams english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/schehrezade
  BloodshedBaby english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/bloodshedbaby
  Seduktive Embrance english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/spikeskat
  Tasting Dark Desires english Fanfiction 5 http://www.bringonthebloodshed.com/megan
  Land of Denial english Fanfiction 9 http://www.landofdenial.com
  Slayer Fanfic Archive   Fanfiction 9 http://www.slayerfanfic.com
Germany / Austria / Switzerland
 Sitename  Language  Category Rating Real URL
  The Slayer, Slayerbot german Angel & Buffy 7 http://mitglied.lycos.de/slayerbot/
  Tv scripte german Angel & Buffy 6 http://www.tv-scripte.de
  www.sf-radio.net\buffy german Angel & Buffy 6 http://www.sf-radio.net\buffy
  Angel Investigations(de) german Angel 7 http://www.angelinvestigations.de/
  Angel 123 german Angel 4 http://mitglied.lycos.de/Angel_123
  Angels CIty german Angel 6 http://mitglied.lycos.de/angeliccity
  Angel Investigations(net) german Angel 6 http://www.angelinvestigations.net
  Sunnydale Online german Buffy 2 http://sunnydale-online.de.vu
  buffyCommunity.de german Buffy 6 http://www.buffyCommunity.de
  Sunny Hell german Buffy 4 http://mitglied.lycos.de/sunnyhell01
  The World of Buffy german Buffy 5 http://mitglied.lycos.de/Christian_3
  Eternal Slayer german Buffy 5 http://mitglied.lycos.de/eslayer
  slayer-show.de.vu german Buffy 5 http://the-slayer-show.de.vu
  Buffy 4ever german Buffy 1 http://www.buffy14.2page.de/
  Rainbowkids german Buffy 2 http://www.rainbowkids.de/projekte_und_infos/Buffy/buffy-start.htm
  Slayers World 1986 german Buffy 4 http://de.geocities.com/slayersworld1986/
  Vampirologie german Buffy 5 http://www.huenemoerder.de/vampirologie/immatrikulation/beginn.htm
  Buffy - DE german Buffy 5 http://www.buffy.de/
  BuffyOnline.de german Buffy 6 http://www.buffyonline.de
  Buffysummers.de german Buffy 3 http://www.buffysummers.de
  Buffytvs.de german Buffy 6 http://www.buffytvs.de
  The Buffy Files german Buffy 6 http://www.geocities.com/the_buffy_files
  Slayeronline.de german Buffy 4 http://www.slayeronline.de
  Slayerverse de-es-en Buffy 6 http://www.slayerverse.org
  Buffy Chords german Buffy Music 5 http://buffychords.uc-sunnydale.de/index.php
  Willow and Tara german Actor 4 http://www.geocities.com/willowandtara
  anthony-fan.de.vu german Actor 2 http://www.anthony-fan.de.vu
  alexis-fan.de.vu german Actor 2 http://www.alexis-fan.de.vu
  amber-fan.de.vu german Actor 2 http://www.amber-fan.de.vu
  buffy-fan.de.vu german Actor 2 http://www.buffy-fan.de.vu
  dawn-fan.de.vu/ german Actor 3 http://www.dawn-fan.de.vu
  elizabeth-fan.de.vu/ german Actor 3 http://www.elizabeth-fan.de.vu
  elizadushku.de/  german Actor 4 http://www.elizadushku.de
  emma-fan.de german Actor 4 http://www.emma-fan.de
  julie-fan.de.vu/ german Actor 8 http://www.julie-fan.de.vu/ 
  Lesbian Slayage german Actor 2 http://www.geocities.com/winka19
  Animal Cracker german Actor 5 http://mitglied.lycos.de/animalcracker
  Faithful Eliza german Actor 5 http://mitglied.lycos.de/faithfuleliza
  Willowfan german Actor 4 http://mitglied.lycos.de/willowfan
  Willowfan2 german Actor 6
  buffy-cordy.ag.vu/ german Actor 5 http://www.buffy-cordy.ag.vu
  Little Lies german Actor 5 http://www.bvboards.de/littlelies/
  Loving Enemies german Awards 5 http://mitglied.lycos.de/asawards
  Network AI german Fanlisting 6 http://ai.waking-vision.com
  Angel Investigations german Fanfiction 5 http://angel-fanfiction.de.vu
  buffyfanfiction.info german Fanfciton 9 http://www.buffyfanfiction.info
  loveandpassion.de german Fanfciton 7 http://www.loveandpassion.de
  Kye-Rumption german Fanfciton 8 http://astarte.fan-arts.net
  Buffy Projekt 8 german Fanfciton 6 http://www.demut.at/bauer/hope/
  Slayerverse Pictures Gallery german Pictures 8 http://www.slayerverse.org/svggaldeluxe
  Community Projekt 8 german Community 7 http://www.pj-firepower.com