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We've decided to take a Christmas break after some of the trouble, so that we can get everything straighted out. Expect news on the last 7 episodes of Buffy Season 9 and Angel Season 6 in the new year.


This site is the fortune host of a virtual Season 8 and 9 of Buffy and a virtual Season 6 of Angel. The last two are currently being made. Now what does that mean? That means that we, the staff, write scripts for new episode of the two series, which unfortunatly will never air... but they will be posted here on the site and it off course is our silent (okay, maybe not so silent) hope for you to enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed writing them.

Help Needed!!

We are currently working on virtual season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and virtual season 7 of Angel, but we are in desperate need of staff. If you would like to help out send an e-mail to Allycat.

The virtual shows like the real shows are rated PG-13 (click for explanation).