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Members: 39
Countries: 16
Owner: Bura
Opened: March 11, 2006


Please read the rules carefully. For example, I will not list you if you didn't fill out a valid e-mail adress or didn't fill out your country. You don't have to own a website to join.

1. You must be fan of season 7 of Buffy.
2. You don't have to have a website to join but a valid email address is needed.
3. If you have a website, please put the code up and link it back to us.
4. Do not direct link from my images.
5. No hate/porn websites allowed.
6. Please state your real name or a decent nickname. Not something like BuFfY&SpIkEf0rEvEr.
7. If you DON'T have a website, don't fill one out!

Read the rules? Join!