December 05, 2003

ATS/BTVS: News Wrap 12/5

Since the overwhelming majority of voters in the Yahoo! Poll have been asking for more news, rather than less, I'm going to start recapping series news as it comes out. This will cover both general news stories about the shows, actors, and other points of interest. This won't necessarily be daily, it's just going to depend on the news of the day. In addition, rather than having multiple posts on a topic, I will recap everything in a single post.

Angel News

The cast and crew recently celebrated the filming of the 100th episode, SciFi Wire has an article covering the event. Zap2It covers David's directing debut (Episode 10), and lets slip the date of it's airing. 'Soul Purpose' will hit the airwaves on January 21st, which means that we'll probably see the Harmony episode on January 14th.

Buffy News

TV Gal at Zap2It, also has some info on what Nick Brendan and Emma Caufield are up to post-Buffy. Both are signed to do ABC Family Movies in 2004.
You know how much I love ABC Family movies (TV Gal + ABC Family Movies = TLA). We already have Brandon (Jason Priestley) and Susan (Emma Caulfield) reuniting in January's "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" with Bradley Cooper. And now Nicholas Brendon, Majandra Delfino and Ethan Embry will star in "Celeste in the City," which is set to premiere next March. Since ABC Family seems to be on a one-network campaign to employ all the former actors of the "Buffy" universe, may I humbly suggest the following: I would love to see Amber Benson, Julie Benz, Danny Strong, Tom Lenk and Juliet Landau in upcoming movies. Thanks very much.

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