June 07, 2004

Site News: Update

It appears that it will be a slow month of June, with only updates for 'Dead Like Me' in the near future. I would expect that 'Tru Calling' news to begin sometime in Early July.

You may have noticed that I've created a spacer for another show on the site, but I don't want to announce which show it is just yet. The reason is that I'm considering one of two shows at the moment to spoil, and there is still the possibility that I may cover both shows. Until I make a final decision, I don't want to set any expectations. However, I will note that one of the shows in question is not 'Smallville'. Although I get multiple requests to cover this series, I don't watch it myself. Since I'm not actively watching the show, it's going to be hard to judge whether or not spoilers are accurate or inaccurate. It is also not the 'Buffy Animated Series', which although spoilers will be interesting to say the least (considering the format), it should be a given that any Buffyverse show will be covered by the site.

I'm also considering adding a feature or two to the site, which I'll be experimenting with through the month of June. If all goes as planned, you should see the changes in early July.

So while the updates may be slow, don't be concerned. The site isn't going away, and there will hopefully new and interesting news within the next month or so.

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