June 17, 2004

BTVS: Animated Buffy Not Far Off

In case you haven't been following the News Feed, it appears more and more likely that 'Buffy' will return to the airwaves in an animated form sometime in the near future. Details are still very vague, and it's questionable if anything has progressed past completion of the Pilot. Based on comments made, it would appear that it's being shopped around, and should not be considered a certainty at this stage.

However, it is a good sign that Fox is still interested in the franchise, and in keeping the series in some form on the airwaves.

As mentioned in a previous post, it should be considered a given that the site will cover any Buffyverse series. Though considering the nature of a cartoon series (especially one that will take place at a specific time in the Buffy canon), it's doubtful that spoilage will be anything more than brief description of the episodes. However, as soon as more solid information gets released, you can expect to find it here.

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