July 01, 2004

DLM: Episode 12 and 13 Information

The emails from 'DeadGirlWalking' have been sporadic lately, but she did just write with new information on 'Dead Like Me' episodes 12 ('Forget Me Not') and 13 ('Last Call'). I can also add that the title of the 14th episode will be 'Always'.
Dead Like Me: Forget Me Not (2.12)

Going to have to apologize again for the delay in getting you this info, my friend is getting real tough about giving me the goods. I have this feeling she's keeping something big from me, but I have no clue what.

I do know that in Episode 12 we meet this new reaper, she's a nurse named Maya. I guess there are these different gigs a reaper can get, and she's one of those who reaps the people who die of natural causes. Rube takes George to the hospital to reap a woman with Alzheimer's, and this is where George meets Maya. George runs into problems because after she dies, the woman still doesn't realize that she's dead (she forgot already). Rube in the meantime wants to get more information from Maya on this woman that he's been trying to find, and although she didn't tell me this, I'm almost certain it's his daughter.

Daisy has a boyfriend, or is seeing that guy who was doing the reality show. This makes Mason really jealous, and when Mason and Daisy go to a boxing place to reap someone, her boyfriend and Mason fight over Daisy. I guess Mason gets knocked out or something like that, but then something unexpected happens. Daisy and Mason sleep together it seems.

George has to go to her sister's school, I think that Reggie is dating the guy who brought the Komodo Dragon to class earlier in the season, and he's in this spelling bee. The father of another kid gets really mad at the judge and throws a dictionary at him, which kills him. The guy Reggie is seeing wins.

Dead Like Me: Last Call (2.13)

I've got barely anything for this one, just that the gang has to reap a busload of sports fans and George reaps this young military academy cadet. She's around George's age, and dies really stupidly while trying to prove herself to the male cadets.
Very interesting spoilers, especially in regards to both Rube and Daisy/Mason. I believe that what we are seeing is George's influence on the others. Still no word on Trip, perhaps that is the big secret that her friend is not mentioning. Also very little Happy Time info, perhaps these stories are taking a back seat while we focus on the Reapers themselves. By my count, there are only one or two episodes left in this season, so it will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

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