July 24, 2004

DLM: Info On The Final Two

'DeadGirlWalking' has returned, with spoilers for the final two episodes of the 'Dead Like Me' season. Some interesting events in the second to last episode, titled 'Always'. While the final episode is a Halloween-themed 'All Saints'.

Just a reminder as well, the new season of 'Dead Like Me' begins tomorrow night on 'Showtime'.
Dead Like Me: Always (2.14)

Okay, got some info on the last two episodes of the season. In the 14th - 'Always', Rube finally finds the person who he was looking for and it is his daughter. There are some flashbacks and I think we find out how Rube died. All I know is that he leaves his family for some reason and he has a gun.

There is another reaper that works at the nursing home where Rosie is. Penny, the reaper, also knows Rube and why he's there. She ripples Rosie while Rube is talking to her, and she passes on while Rube is sitting with her.

Mason has turned into a wreck, he's bumming food off people and sleeping in the Der Waffle Haus. Even though the staff always seems to hate Mason, I guess they get together and give him some money to help him. George also decides to take him home to stay with her and Daisy, but Daisy isn't thrilled about this. I don't think anyone else knows what happened with them.

My friend also mentioned that the dog from last season, the one that her family had, dies. They have to go to a funeral parlor and get a coffin, and then they have a funeral for the dog. My friend didn't say if the pet reaper was involved.

They didn't say a lot about George, just something about her going through the old files at 'Happy Time' and finding her file from when she first went there.

Dead Like Me: All Saints (2.15)

For the last episode, it's going to be a Halloween one. They all have a list of very strange appointments, all that occur at 59 minutes past the hour. There is this serial killer that is stalking George's old neighborhood and is killing people every hour.

The killer is this creepy guy who goes around in white sneakers and strangles people as they answer the door. The reapers don't realize this until they all show up in the same neighborhood. I don't know if they figure out what is going on, I do know that Daisy goes out dressed as a cop and somebody recognizes her from her Hollywood days. Roxy ends up escorting a group of kids with Delores. Delores loves Halloween so I guess she chaperones kids every year. Some of the others discover a suburban brothel.

But while this is all happening, the killer is going about his rounds. Since this is where George used to live, I asked if someone in her family is killed, but my friend didn't know. She did tell me that George is the one with the post-it for the killer. When she was a kid, she ran into him on Halloween and saw a graveling in his house. He recognizes her when she knocks on his door, but she is so mad, when she reaps him she doesn't even wait to see how he dies.

The final bit of info is that Crystal is snooping around in the computer files, trying to pull up George's original 'Happy Time' records.
From the looks of it, it does appear that the big season-arc finale will be resolved in Episode 14. The Halloween episode sounds more like a themed-episode that may not have much to do with setting up next season's arc. Then again, with such limited information, it's hard to say.

I don't know what has happened to Trip, the love interest that seemed to appear several episodes earlier. After George reaped his father, and the funeral in the following episode, there seems to be nothing else. Which is surprising, since it seemed so well setup for him to discover George's true identity.

Also not much on the Daisy/Mason storyline it seems in these episodes. Mason is now living with Daisy and George, so we may have to see how this plays out next Season.

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