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July 11, 2004

Buffyverse Movies?

I had several people email reports that while doing an interview in Australia, James Marsters mentioned that Joss approached him about returning to the Buffyverse. Hercules at AICN also reported on this story. According to his comments, it could be as many as four made-for-television movies. Each would focus on a different character, and it's safe to assume that one of those would be Spike. If I had to guess, I would think Willow, Illyria, and Giles would be the others. Giles would make the most sense, as at least a partial story for 'Ripper' already exists.

In somewhat unrelated Anthony Stewart Head news, he has signed to join the cast of 'Monarch of the Glen'. Some may recall that I have mentioned this series in the past, and while I personally feel that the show is not worth watching past Season Two, with both Anthony and Tom Baker ('Doctor Who') on the cast I may have to start again.

June 17, 2004

BTVS: Animated Buffy Not Far Off

In case you haven't been following the News Feed, it appears more and more likely that 'Buffy' will return to the airwaves in an animated form sometime in the near future. Details are still very vague, and it's questionable if anything has progressed past completion of the Pilot. Based on comments made, it would appear that it's being shopped around, and should not be considered a certainty at this stage.

However, it is a good sign that Fox is still interested in the franchise, and in keeping the series in some form on the airwaves.

As mentioned in a previous post, it should be considered a given that the site will cover any Buffyverse series. Though considering the nature of a cartoon series (especially one that will take place at a specific time in the Buffy canon), it's doubtful that spoilage will be anything more than brief description of the episodes. However, as soon as more solid information gets released, you can expect to find it here.

May 24, 2004

BTVS: DVD Reminder

'Angel' and 'Buffy' may both have left the airwaves, but there are still more than a few seasons yet to be released on DVD. Tomorrow, Buffy Season Six will be available on DVD.

You can continue to show your support for the shows and the site, by using the link below to order your copy. Thanks to everyone for all of their support.

May 23, 2004

BTVS: Animated Series A Go?

Hercules is also reporting that Alyson Hannigan was doing some voicework for the animated series. Does this mean it's a go? I would think it's not a given at this time, more than likely she may have done this in order to shop around the series. As far as I'm aware, a full pilot was never completed.

March 26, 2004

ATS/BTVS: Chris Buchanan

Chris Buchanan of Mutant Enemy posted at the Bronze Beta, it's reposted below, but be sure to check out the Bronze VIP Archive.

Hi, Chris Buchanan here from Mutant Enemy. Long time lurker, first time poster.

Thought it was about time (OK, it's way past time), to give all of the ANGEL fans an enormous shout out/thank you directly from Joss and all of us at Mutant Enemy.

Your kind words, support and efforts (flowers, beanie babies, postcards, mobile billboards, adverts, etc., etc.) in the weeks since the cancellation of ANGEL was announced, have been darn near overwhelming. We really, really appreciate the love.

It goes without saying here at the Bronze Beta, but I also wanted to let you all know that the Buffy/Angel-verse will never die.

While we consider the possibility of Season 6 of ANGEL as remote as the discovery of WMDs in Iraq, Mutant Enemy already has plans for more tales from the world of ANGEL. I can't comment on exactly what form they'll take, but rest assured, it's in the works.

Thanks again to all of the fans, the "Save Angel" organizations, and your efforts taken in our behalf.

You kids are the best!


February 27, 2004

BTVS: Watcher's Guide 3

After waiting more than 3 years, it appears that the final volume of 'The Watcher's Guide' will be released soon. According to my notes, it will be out on either June 7th or July 1st. At just under $13, it's a bargain. You can use the following link to pre-order, and a small portion of your purchase will go towards supporting the site.

If you haven't picked up the first two, they are also priced at just under $13 currently. I have used the first two so much over the past few years, I may just have to pick up a couple of fresh copies at this point.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

February 17, 2004

BTVS: Joss Whedon To Do X-Men

I absolutely don't know how to categorize this, but I guess for the moment I'll consider it Buffy news.

It is being reported that Joss Whedon will be writing a new X-Men title for Marvel Comics. Entitled 'Astonishing X-Men', it will be written by Joss for at least 1 year with art by John Cassaday. The only place I've seen this reported is at Bureau 42, and I haven't gotten confirmation from another source.

Earlier this month I posted an interview with Joe Quesada in the News section, where he seemed to deny this rumor. He stated quite plainly that... "I hate to break it to the fans, but this stuff about Whedon and Cassaday doing New X-Men is just a nasty rumor"

Which apparently, would seem to be true, as they will be doing a new title instead of taking over 'New X-Men'.

Update: Wizard confirms this and has an interview with Joss Whedon on their site.

January 29, 2004

ATS/BTVS: News Wrap 1/29

Angel News

The Futon Critic reports on the contents of the 'Angel: Season 3" DVD set. Looks to have a lot of interesting extras.

Buffy News

Also mentioned in the above Development Update, and as reported by SciFi Wire , Fox has requested a pilot for a new series. Titled 'Point Pleasant', it will tell the story of a mysterious girl who is found washed up on the beach of a small town. It will have a supernatural touch, and be produced by Marti Noxon and written by John McLaughlin. Noxon's own series, 'Still Life', was supposed to be a mid-season replacement. However, there is still no word from Fox on when the series might make it to air.

January 20, 2004

ATS/BTVS/TC: News Wrap 1/20

Angel News

There is an interview at Zap2It with both Alexis and Alyson. Also, Sci Fi Wire has an article on plans for the WB's new vampire show, 'Dark Shadows'.

Buffy News

There's another article about Alyson's new NBC sitcom as well, at Zap2It.

Tru Calling News

And finally, Zap2It, which is being very prolific with it's interviews this week, has one with Zach Galifianakis of 'Tru Calling'.

January 15, 2004

ATS/BTVS: News Wrap 1/15

Angel News

Lots and lots of news today.

SciFi Wire has two stories, the first a bit from a Joss Whedon interview about returning stars, the second is about David directing his first episode ('Soul Purpose' that airs next week).

Drew Goddard posted a bit at the Bronze the other night, and the posts are now archived at the Bronze VIP Posting Board.

And the BBC has a video/text interview with Christian Kane.

Buffy News

TV Guide has a brief interview with Emma Caulfield about her upcoming TV Movie 'Who Wants To Marry Ryan Banks'. (registration required - and unfortunately you have to live in the U.S. to register).

January 08, 2004

ATS/BTVS: News Wrap 1/8

Angel News

The WB has released the promo for the beginning of the new run of 'Angel', it aired last night after the repeat of 'HellBound'.

Buffy News

TV Guide Online has an interview, and a surprisingly candid one at that, with Nicholas Brendon. The Chicago Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker, has a bit on Warner Brothers looking to do a third installment of Scooby Doo. And Reuters has a story about the possible concept of the sitcom that Alyson Hannigan may do for NBC.

January 06, 2004

ATS/TC/BTVS: News Wrap 1/6


There is a brief video interview with Mercedes McNab up on the WB site, talking about Harm's Way.

Tru Calling has a report that Clare was recently in Vancouver, filming a guest-star role for 'Tru Calling'. The episode she will appear in is 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', and she will be playing the role of Alex Reynolds.


And Clare isn't the only 'Buffy' alum to be showing up on our TV's in 2003. Adam Busch will be in the new Fox series, 'The Jury', which should air this Spring. Story courtesy of The Futon Critic.

Also, if you happen over to the iTunes Music Store, 'Once More With Feeling' Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More, With Feeling is now available for download (either the entire album or individual songs).

December 15, 2003

ATS/BTVS: News Wrap 12/15

Sarah Michelle Gellar News

TV is reporting that Sarah has turned down an offer to appear in two episodes of 'Angel' this May. Joss states that she didn't feel the time was right.

In other news, she will star in the remake of the Japanese horror film 'Jyu-On' ('The Grudge').

December 07, 2003

ATS/BTVS: News Wrap 12/7

Angel News

Chris Faile from passed along some production details of Episode 13 (note: Spoilers in the linked story). The episode is written by Steven S. DeKnight and Drew Goddard, and will be directed by Terrence O'Hara.

Buffy News is reporting that, despite what the Season Five DVD insert lists as the release date for Season 6 (May 2004), they have confirmed that it still on track for July 6th, 2004.

In other news, in an interview on Zap2It with Nathon Fillion (Firefly, Buffy), it's mentioned that he will be appearing on 'Miss Match' on December 15th. He also hints that he would like to show up 'Angel' as well, and pull off the Whedon Hat Trick (of appearing on all three of Joss's series).

December 05, 2003

ATS/BTVS: News Wrap 12/5

Since the overwhelming majority of voters in the Yahoo! Poll have been asking for more news, rather than less, I'm going to start recapping series news as it comes out. This will cover both general news stories about the shows, actors, and other points of interest. This won't necessarily be daily, it's just going to depend on the news of the day. In addition, rather than having multiple posts on a topic, I will recap everything in a single post.

Angel News

The cast and crew recently celebrated the filming of the 100th episode, SciFi Wire has an article covering the event. Zap2It covers David's directing debut (Episode 10), and lets slip the date of it's airing. 'Soul Purpose' will hit the airwaves on January 21st, which means that we'll probably see the Harmony episode on January 14th.

Buffy News

TV Gal at Zap2It, also has some info on what Nick Brendan and Emma Caufield are up to post-Buffy. Both are signed to do ABC Family Movies in 2004.
You know how much I love ABC Family movies (TV Gal + ABC Family Movies = TLA). We already have Brandon (Jason Priestley) and Susan (Emma Caulfield) reuniting in January's "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" with Bradley Cooper. And now Nicholas Brendon, Majandra Delfino and Ethan Embry will star in "Celeste in the City," which is set to premiere next March. Since ABC Family seems to be on a one-network campaign to employ all the former actors of the "Buffy" universe, may I humbly suggest the following: I would love to see Amber Benson, Julie Benz, Danny Strong, Tom Lenk and Juliet Landau in upcoming movies. Thanks very much.

September 25, 2003

Site News: Buffy Season 6 DVD?

I've gotten a number of e-mails about Amazon taking pre-orders for Season Six of Buffy on DVD. I've known that the pre-order link has been up for a while, but hesitated to mention it due to Amazon's habit of posting, then pulling pre-order links for Fox DVD's.

So I'm posting the link, hopefully it will be active all the way through the release date.

Which to be honest, is perhaps the longest intentional gap between pre-order and release date that I've seen. It won't actually arrive until early July of next year.

Buffy Season Six DVD - Pre-order through

September 17, 2003

Buffy News: Season 5 DVD Pre-Orders

Just received an update from, the Season Five DVD Pre-Orders are once again active. If you ordered previously from the site, there is a good chance that the original order has been cancelled.

Your support is greatly appreciated and goes a long way towards keeping the site up and running.

September 12, 2003

Buffy News: John Ritter

Last night, John Ritter passed away at the age of 54. Although well-known to the world for playing the role of Jack Tripper on the sitcom Three's Company, he was equally well-known to Buffy fans as Joyce's evil robot boyfriend, Ted. I grew up with him on Three's Company, and enjoyed his brief visit to Sunnydale, I think one of his best, and most overlooked, performances of the last few years was on 'Felicity', where he played the role of Ben's father on the series. For more information about his actor and his career, you can read more about him and his career at

July 17, 2003

Good Joss Interview

It seems that quite a few people spoke with Joss at the WB Press Party. The Boston Herald has perhaps the best interview I've read so far, which has a few minor spoilers. Joss talks more about Spike's move to 'Angel' (and answers at least one question about his souled status), a little about the direction of the 'Angel' storyline this season, and still expresses hope in not only a spin-off, but one with a certain Slayer who one would think will be busy elsewhere.

July 10, 2003

DVD Dates For Buffy S5 And Firefly

It's been reported at The Digital Bits that Fox intends to release both Buffy: Season Five and the Firefly series on DVD in time for the holiday season. According to the news update, both will come out on December 9th.

As soon as they are available on Amazon, I'll post the links for pre-orders.

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