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May 23, 2004

TC: Jane E. To Tru?

Hercules is reporting at Ain't It Cool News that Jane Espenson will be moving to 'Tru Calling' as a writer. Which could only be a good thing, however her style is much lighter. Does this mean that instead of the dark tone associated with the show, that we could see a little more humor or comedy injected into the series. It will be interesting to see how this shapes up.

May 20, 2004

TC: Tru Renewed

It's official, 'Tru Calling' will return in time for November Sweeps on Fox. Same night, except now 'The O.C.' will be the lead-in to 'Tru Calling'. For the entire story on Fox's fall schedule, check out The Futon Critic.

It should also be noted that neither of Marti Noxon's series, 'Still Life' or 'Point Pleasant', seemed to make the cut.

May 17, 2004

TC: Renewed?

According to a report at The Futon Critic, 'Tru Calling' is beginning to prepare for next season. While no official word has come down from Fox, it's expected that they will announce the show's future on Thursday.

April 23, 2004

ATS/TC: Is There A Future???

MediaSharx has run a report from one of their sources, discussing the possible future of 'Angel' in tele-movie form. In addition it touches on the chances 'Tru Calling' has for a second season. They posit that 'Angel' will return in a series of six bi-monthly movies, with a possible return of Faith. Supposedly 'Tru Calling' will not be picked up for a second season.

From my view, tele-movies are certainly a possibility. I can't see them being completely ruled out at this point. Greater confusion seems to exist about Tru going into another season. While there have been some rumored reports that the show has already been renewed, I personally have not heard anything through my channels to indicate this. The last bit of information that I had, was that they were waiting until they saw the impact of Jason Priestley on the ratings. Which to be honest, has been absolutely none.

There are also rumors that Sky TV has offered to fund partly another season of the show, but I seem to recall something similar that floated over a month ago. It wouldn't surprise me that if some plan is in motion to continue with either movies or a limited-run of episodes, that just like before other networks will be willing to purchase the rights to re-air. Fox would more than likely recoup any cost in DVD sales anyway.

But I'm still more pessimistic than optimistic.

April 09, 2004

TC: Two-Hour Finale

Thanks to 'The Futon Critic', who passed along the following summaries for the final two episodes of 'Tru Calling'. I was going to comment that rather than the 21 episodes that had been suggested from previous reports, we were likely to only see twenty filmed/aired.


**SEASON FINALE PART 1** "TRU CALLING" (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT)-In Stereo CC


Tru and Davis remain stunned by the revelation that Jack can relive days like Tru. Excited to have a new partner, Tru teams up with Jack to ensure a doctor's dying wish to help others in his life, but as the day progresses, Tru becomes increasingly suspicious of Jack's intentions. And when Jack attempts to stop Tru from saving an innocent victim, she comes to the startling realization that he isn't her ally but her enemy in the episode "D.O.A." Thursday, April 29 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TRU-119) (TV-TBA)

Cast: Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies, Jason Priestley as Jack Harper, Shawn Reaves as Harrison Davies, Zach Galifianakis as Davis, A.J. Cook as Lindsay, Matthew Bomer as Luc.

Guest Cast: Andrew Airlie as Frank Colvin, John Reardon as Randall, Nick Wechsler as Marc Colvin, Lisa Waltz as Grace, Leanna Nash as Nadine.

**SEASON FINALE PART 2** "TRU CALLING" (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT)-In Stereo CC


In the second season-finale episode, Tru and Jack "her sworn nemesis" find themselves on a collision course with the stakes as high as they can be after the body of Tru's brother, Harrison, asks for help. Despite his friendship with Harrison, Jack vows to ensure Harrison's death when the day rewinds. Tru struggles to protect her brother, and the game is on as an epic battle of life and death between Tru and Jack is set in motion. But Tru's attempts to save Harrison will lead to the shocking death of someone very close to her in "Two Weddings and a Funeral" Thursday, April 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TRU-120) (TV-TBA)

Cast: Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies, Jason Priestley as Jack Harper, Shawn Reaves as Harrison Davies, Zach Galifianakis as Davis, A.J. Cook as Lindsay, Matthew Bomer as Luc.

Guest Cast: John Reardon as Randall, Cotter Smith as Richard Davies, Lauren Stamile as Emma, David Lipper as Donnie, Sage Testini as Ethan.

April 07, 2004

TC: Press Summary 'Rear Window'

'The Futon Critic' passed along a summary for the April 22nd Episode of 'Tru Calling'

When a male corpse with the same name as a female neighbor of Tru's comes into the morgue, Tru suspects identity theft. When the day restarts, Tru's investigation takes an unexpected turn that makes it difficult to sort out just who is the victim and who is the criminal. Meanwhile, Tru and Davis piece together some information about Jack, who hasn't been forthcoming about everything in his past, in the TRU CALLING episode "Rear Window" Thursday, April 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TRU-118) (TV-PG V)

March 25, 2004

WF/TC News: Upcoming Episode Info

The Futon Critic has passed on information on the April 8th episode of 'Tru Calling' and the April 9th episode of 'Wonderfalls'.

In addition, they note that the music video for the 'Tru Calling' theme song 'Somebody Help Me', will be aired during tonight's episode.

read more

March 16, 2004

WF/TC: Episode Info

Will be updating 'Wonderfalls' info throughout the next day or so.

The Futon Critic passed along both network descriptions for 'Tru Calling: The Getaway' and 'Wonderfalls: Pink Flamingos'.

read more

February 27, 2004

TC/WF: Scheduling Info

The Futon Critic, posted some information on Fox's March Schedule.

Tru Calling

The next new episode of 'Tru Calling' will air on March 18th. It's still the expected episode, but has been retitled 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'. Then, on March 25th, 'Daddy's Girls' will air. This will not only be the first episode with Jason Priestley, but another member of the 90210 Alumni Club will appear. Laura Leighton has been cast and will play the role of Jordan, Tru's step-mother.


'Wonderfalls' is being broadcast out of order, just as Fox did with 'Firefly'. The second episode to air will be 'Karma Chameleon', originally the second to last episode that was filmed. So now instead of being the 12th episode we would have seen, it's going to be the 2nd. A brief description of the episode...
Jaye meets a young woman who seems to have self-esteem issues and definitely has a stuttering problem. The young woman takes a liking to Jaye and spends a lot of time with her. Jaye finds herself in a very weird predicament, wondering - who is this woman? One thing is certain, something is up. Ultimately, Jaye figures out what is going on, and with the muses' help, devises a way to get things back to normal on the "Karma Chameleon" episode of WONDERFALLS airing Friday, March 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Which brings up an interesting question for myself. I know that as the series progresses, Jaye's collection of tchotzke grows and they all start chiming in with suggestions. Which may make things a bit confusing. Then again, I don't know if we'll get this in every episode. I do know that 'Wax Lion' and 'Barrel Bear' make a few appearances throughout the show, but maybe not necessarily in every episode. I only hope that we're not going to be dealing with confusing character development, ala 'Firefly', because of the decision to air things out of order.

Update: The episode's will not air out of order, 'Karma Chameleon' was filmed later but intended to air as Episode Two. See more in this news post.

February 22, 2004

TC: Tru Season Two?

There are reports, at of all places, that 'Tru Calling' has been signed for a second season.

This is also mentioned at, and on the Official Fox Boards where MoonFrost posts the response he got from the website.

So is it True...

From what I've heard up until this point, everything was riding on how the show performs with Jason Priestley. Which won't be known until late March at the earliest. My guess is that Budweiser had this written well in advance, and it is actually reference the show being picked up for the rest of this season. However, in the beginning, Fox did say they would stand behind certain shows (and I recall they referenced 'Tru Calling' specifically). So it's possible that regardless of how it fares this season, Fox is ready to give it a second chance up against a 'Friends'-free Thursday next season.

February 19, 2004

TC/WF: Scheduling Information

Don't expect to see any new 'Tru Calling' episodes anytime soon.

The Futon Critic, wrote to let me know that Fox has announced a partial schedule for March. On March 4th, 'Tru Calling' will rerun the premiere episode, followed by a repeat of 'Morning After'. On March 11th, Fox will be airing the NAACP Image awards. I would hope, and probably expect new episodes to follow the week after.

In other Fox news, he provide the press summary for the first episode of 'Wonderfalls'. Titled, 'Wax Lion', it does appear that it will remain relatively true to the Pilot episode I summarized earlier.


Jaye Tyler is a smart young woman who's having some trouble finding direction in her life. Beautiful and well-educated, she lives in an unlikely place: a trailer park near her parents' home in Niagara Falls. She spends her days as a sales assistant in a gift shop for tourists that overlooks the Falls. But it's here that her life takes a strange turn, when the animal-shaped figurines on the store's shelves spontaneously begin talking and giving her cryptic advice. In this episode, a wax lion instructs Jaye to not give one rude tourist her proper change. From this single event, Jaye sets off a chain reaction that leads her to attempt to set up her sister Sharon on a date (we learn that Sharon has a secret) and helps a scorned package deliveryman find love. Jaye is left wondering if she's insane or gifted in her ability to hear the voices of fate through her stuffed muses on the "Wax Lion" episode of WONDERFALLS airing Friday, March 12 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

January 30, 2004

ATS/TC: News Wrap 1/30

Angel News

The trailer for "You're Welcome" is now up at The WB's site.

The Hollywood Reporter has several stories on 'Angel', focusing mainly on the soon-to-be-aired 100th episode.

'Angel' 100th Episode
Genre Busters
Masters of Illusion
Groovy Ghoulies

Tru Calling

Fox has released their schedule for February sweeps, and the biggest surprise is that we're only going to see two episodes of 'Tru Calling' this time around. (source: The Futon Critic)

February 5th: The Longest Day
February 12th: Valentine
February 19th: Planet Of The Apes (Movie)
February 26th: American Pie 2 (Movie)

January 20, 2004

ATS/BTVS/TC: News Wrap 1/20

Angel News

There is an interview at Zap2It with both Alexis and Alyson. Also, Sci Fi Wire has an article on plans for the WB's new vampire show, 'Dark Shadows'.

Buffy News

There's another article about Alyson's new NBC sitcom as well, at Zap2It.

Tru Calling News

And finally, Zap2It, which is being very prolific with it's interviews this week, has one with Zach Galifianakis of 'Tru Calling'.

January 17, 2004

ATS/DLM/TC: News Wrap 1/17

Angel News

The WB has put up the trailer for 'Soul Purpose', and all I can say is get that man a Red Swingline Stapler.

Tru Calling News

Couple of tidbits. The first is that 'Back To School' will actually be titled 'Reunion'. In addition, it appears that this will be the last new episode in January, as the 29th is being listed as a repeat of 'Putting Out Fires'.

Buffy News

The second half of the e-comic by Doug Petrie, is now available at the BBC Website. USA Today is also reporting that Michelle Trachtenberg will appear on several episode of 'Six Feet Under' when it returns, playing a Britney Spears-style music star.

January 06, 2004

ATS/TC/BTVS: News Wrap 1/6


There is a brief video interview with Mercedes McNab up on the WB site, talking about Harm's Way.

Tru Calling has a report that Clare was recently in Vancouver, filming a guest-star role for 'Tru Calling'. The episode she will appear in is 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', and she will be playing the role of Alex Reynolds.


And Clare isn't the only 'Buffy' alum to be showing up on our TV's in 2003. Adam Busch will be in the new Fox series, 'The Jury', which should air this Spring. Story courtesy of The Futon Critic.

Also, if you happen over to the iTunes Music Store, 'Once More With Feeling' Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More, With Feeling is now available for download (either the entire album or individual songs).

January 01, 2004

ATS/TC: News Wrap 1/1

It's still been very slow in the news and spoiler departments. However, I did pick up a few interesting bits to pass along.

Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year

Angel News

Zap2It has a brief interview with Sarah Thompson, who seems to be angling for an 'Angel' Musical episode.

Tru Calling News

While browsing the iTunes Music Store today, I discovered that the Tru Calling Theme song Somebody Help Me (Theme from "TRU CALLING") is available for download. Don't have iTunes, try the following link.

Download iTunes

December 27, 2003

ATS/TC: Scheduling

As it is a slow news week, I was not expecting to have much to post.

However, I do seem to have tentative schedules for both 'Angel' and 'Tru Calling', and I've updated the homepage to reflect that.

1/7: Hellbound (R)
1/14: Harm's Way
1/21: Soul Purpose
1/28: Damage
2/4: You're Welcome

Tru Calling
1/8: Closure
1/15: Murder In The Morgue
1/22: Back To School

Tru is the more tentative of the two, as I expect episodes to be shuffled, especially since 'Valentine' would air in January and not February going on the current schedule.

December 17, 2003

ATS/TC: News Wrap 12/17

Just a number of new bits today.

Angel News

First, it appears that the WB has changed it's mind about running the show on Christmas Eve, 'The Cautionary Tale...' has been dropped from the schedule, and is no longer showing up on my Tivo either.

Interesting interview with Alexis on SciFi Wire. It discusses, among other things, his desire to get Alyson to guest star in another episode of 'Angel'.

Tru Calling News

If you read yesterday's spoiler, you will recall there is a new character introduced, Jack. Jason Priestley has signed to play the character for seven episodes (essentially through the end of the season). He will begin filming next month. Zap2It has the complete scoop on Priestley's return to the Fox fold.

December 06, 2003

TC: Morning Before

While updating my calendar, I noted that the 'Tru Calling' episode to be aired on December 18th, is indeed 'Morning After' and not 'Closure'. I had conflicting bits of info, but I would presume this to be the final word. No episode the week after, but there will be a slot on January 1st if they did decide to air one.

November 25, 2003

TC: More Episodes Ordered

Marc Berman, who does the Programming Insider for Media Week, is reporting that Fox has ordered an additional seven episodes of 'Tru Calling', which should bring the total to twenty episodes for the season. Earlier reports that an additional three episodes were ordered likely were inaccurate (as this would bring the season total to 23, which is one more than your standard TV season).

One can only hope that while this is a strong indication that Fox intends to stand behind the show, they will soon find another night to move it to. It's already taking a beating from 'Friends' and 'Survivor', and we haven't even gotten to the final episodes of 'Friends' or 'Survivor: All-Stars'. Hopefully Fox may be considering a more ratings friendly night, like Monday or Tuesday.

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