This is the fanlisting for the character the Buffybot in Buffy the 
Vampire Slayer. The character has appeared in the episodes 
Intervention, The Body and Bargaining and is played by 
Sarah Michelle Gellar. The Buffybot is a robot character of the lead 
character Buffy in the show.

Systems Failure is a fanlisting made by me where all his fans 
around the world who share a love and admiration of the character 
will come and build the biggest listing possible and hopefully get to 
know other fans.

The idea of fanlistings was thought up by Janine from Seraphic Devil 
Her initial plan was to unite fans of a particular TV show, musician etc, 
you can find other fanlistings at Fanlistings.org. You can also visit 
my other fanlistings by going to Katieswirls or my other sites by
 going to Utopian Totality.

This is version 1.0 of Systems Failure. Layout, graphics concept are
to 2002. This is a Katieswirls Studio Production, pictures
from my own unfinished Buffybot site.