Nick: Episode Six, like hoorah!
Nick: Thanks for tellin' us Roon, I updated your link
Roon: I don't mind Connor. He added conflict which is what I loved about the show. He got better in season 5. (P.S my site URL has changed :))
Nick: I really dislike connor, but Kayla (co most awesome person ever) adores him.
Name:marissa: any way
Name:marissa: Messagewho here likes/ loves/hates connor? i love him i used to hate him but that changed since i saw more of season 4
Name:marissa: Message:andrew is awsome
Name:Roon: Message:The skins are all fab. I love skin number 6 and 4.
Kayla: Oooh I love the Andrew and Vi skin
nick: Although for the "boxset" with extras and so-on that I've been working on. There will be stuff on one or two of them.
nick: Because there is only one or two characters who weren't main on Buffy for at least a season. So if you've ever watched Buffy you should know who these people are, therefore it's not really needed.
Jen: How come there's not a character page? :)
Nick: thanks for informing me, I'll get on that tonight!
Justin: Sorry, click on my name for the correct URL
Justin: hey, My Buffy Season 8 and 9 has moved to a diffrent place and have combined into one site, if you could please update your button and link I'd apperciate it ;)
Nick: No, sorry. There isn't.
Name:Jen: Message: Is there a Character Page? If so, where please? :)
Name:liam: Message:my buffy's season8 is at, any stories and photos!!!!
Name:liam: Message:
Name:: Message:
Justin: hey, I Just wanted to inform you my affilate that My Buffy Season8 & 9 has Moved!
Justin: YAY for S2
Nick: Yes, Justin
Justin: Is there going to be a season Two?!