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Buffy Reviews

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Awakening Darkness by Sassette - What happens if the magic doesn't let you quit? This story takes you on a journey as Willow deals with the her addiction and her fight to get away from the forces that don't want to let her go. A really good story it follows many threads as Tara and Willow and the scooby gang deal with the outcome of opening yourself up to dark forces. Highly angsty which I admit I love, Its also well written and thoughtful and has some very very hot scenes it it.
Four Months After by CaptMurdock - What if Willow made different choices in Wrecked and never got clean? This story follows Willow as she hits rock bottom and slowly fights to overcome the horrors and scars of addiction and slowly builds back the trust of the Scooby's and Tara while recovering from the ravages her addiction took on her body. A hurt/comfort story is there was one, It made me cry in despair and laugh and hope at the same time. A great read.
On Second Thought by Antigone - Willow chooses Oz in New Moon Rising because he needs her more, but she's still attracted to Tara. What should she do? Heartwrenching, terrifying, romantic, angsty, and sexy by turns, this story takes you through the full spectrum of emotion. This is a wonderful story of the relationships between the three characters and the unexpected darkness within one of them. ***Review Originally posted here by DarkMagicWillow
Razors Edge by Frau Hunter Ash - So what happens when instead of Faith being called as the next slayer you get some Irish lass with an attitude? And what if she falls in love with Willow and they get married, only to see her lover killed before her eyes. When Fritz tries to take revenge against the evil wizard that kills Willow she is transported into the buffy dimension that we all know and love. As she tries to find a way to deal with the scooby's that don't remember her and a Willow that isn't the one she fell in love with Fritz's life is heading toward an edge that is getting harder and harder to pull away from. An interesting story and if you don't get it by now a W/O story.
Red Moon Series by Frau Hunter Ash - Ok, I admit a slight embarrassment from enjoying this series so much. I mean after all it is not your run on the mill Buffy stories, this one is a W/T/B. Yes I said Buffy. As Ash takes us through seasons 4-5 rewriting in a thoroughly enjoyable way the relationships between the three girls and a how this changes not only the dynamics of the group but also how the plot lines tie together. I won't say this series is for everyone but if you can accept a three way relationship this is definitely one of the more enjoyable versions of one that I have read with a full characterization of Buffy, Tara and Willow not only in the relationship but also as individual characters.
Reflections in Raindrops by Shadowriter and TrueXena - Probably the most accurate portrayal of the Willow/Tara relationship and characters I have read, this is just really a couple of days in the life of the two of them it could have taken place pretty much anytime in the show. As they go on an adventure of there own you really feel like this is just another episode that somehow just never got made.
Safe In Her Arms by Rainbow Writers - Ok, its a Buffy/Tara pairing. Not my usual style but this story is worth the deviation. What if Buffy having that conversation with Tara about Spike opened a new side to there relationship. What if Willow could just not be forgiven? This story takes the what if's and makes them real. Sad and angst filled at times, its also heartwarming, humorous and fulfilling. They do offer a alternative ending so you can choose to see either W/T or T/B but I have to say I recommend the T/B ending, it goes much better with the story.
Shades of Grey by Rainbow Writers - Set after the season seven episode 'Killer In Me." - this story takes a very different hopefully unexpected twist - not wanting to give the plot away - the hint of 'a beloved character is back where she should be' should suffice. Having one of the more well thought out plotlines for bringing Tara back this story is truly enjoyable. Follow Willow, Buffy, Faith, Tara and a bunch of original characters as they find love, regain trust and battle it out with The First, in a well written rewrite of the end of season seven.
Tempus Fugit S7 by Melissa - What if a magical device brought Willow and Buffy back into pre New Moon Rising. Will Willow be able to leave Tara behind as she tries to put the spell to right or will she seize the opportunity to be with the one she loves. A highly angsty but extremely well written story that made me not sure what outcome to root for. Luckily Melissa provides just as good a conclusion to the story as I could hope for. This story has made me clamor for a sequel.
Terra Firma by Tulipp - This is a post season 6 fic but it is also a Tara/Willow fic. Willow is back in Sunnydale after spending the summer dealing with the magic and Tara's death with Dawn in England. At times humorous it is also a sober look into how Willow is dealing with the loss of her lover and what happens when she suddenly returns. While the main pairing in this story is W/T there is also a lot about Buffy and Dawn and the whole gang as they adjust from the happenings in season six and start to move on with there lives. One of the most well written Tara resurrection stories I have seen.
The Cycle Series by sHaYcH - By far the most well written series of Kennedy/Willow stories I've read so far. Highly enjoyable they offer a look at what happened behind the scenes during the end of season 7 it filled in the gaps that the rush to end the show left. Offering an alternate ending to Chosen, I can say that I honestly was blown away. If your not a big Kennedy fan then I highly recommend you read these stories, they offer a much more in depth look at Kennedy's motives and at the W/K relationship. If I wasn't a Kennedy fan before I read the stories I sure was after.
The Master Willow Series by Psimetis - Well the description on the site is A mature vampire Willow returns with her sire, Drusilla, to Sunnydale, and becomes reluctant Master of the town. She takes Tara as her Kitten, and a complex relationship grows between them. As Master, Willow the Wicked deftly deals with White Hats, Slayers, Family members, and other Hellmouth concerns, all while building her own happy Family and living the unlife of a 'Modern' vampire. Rated NC-17 for mature fun and icky things. But its really so much more. A fun story that is at times disturbing and at others so sweet you want to melt into a ball of mush. I really enjoyed this take on the Vamp Willow/Tara relationship. Without glossing over the fact that Willow is a Vampire without a soul and thus isnt the nicest person around, it still manages to show a loving relationship between Willow and Tara. One of the more realistic versions I've read of Willow being a Top, that still manages to show off the hidden strenghts of Tara. So check it out. I definitly reccomend it.
The Sidestep Chronicles by Katharyn - mmmmmmmmmVampWillow. Heh, ok well you might need a little more to go on huh? The story takes place in the wishverse as in season 3's eps The Wish and Dopplegangland. Taking place right after the Wish the story goes on to describe Tara's life in the alternate world and how she deals with Willow as a Vampire. The story is a dark one, since Vamp Willow is evil but it is also very enjoyable and rather long. It's only hosted on the kitten board so not in the best reading format. But if you can make it through there it is a interesting take on how the littlest choices have the greatest consequences and and how Tara could have turned out in a different dimension.
The Slayer Chronicles by sHaYcH - Vamp Tara need I say more? Well I guess a bit more wont hurt. A different look into Tara's past and a Totally great series. It follows the Scooby gang through a different version of season 4 and an alternate universe series 5. Funny and Sweet and Hot this story brings out a lot of feelings. Definitely not to be missed.
The Witch and the Sorceress by Susan L. Carr - The pairing which is Willow/Vamp Tara tells you that this isn't your usual run of the mill fic. This story explores the darker side of the w/t relationship. Tara does not get her soul back but she still loves Willow, what is a good witch to do? Definitely a story worth reading.
Willow/Kennedy Series by ObliqueReference - Ok I've fall in love with another W/K series. The series doesn't have a formal name but starts out with We've Gotta Talk which is a prelude to Mirror, Mirror then continues with The Thrills is Gone, takes a slight detour with the hysterical The Penultimate Pranks of Peddyworth T. Puckett and comes back for a kicking finish with My Lazarus Stance. The characterization is dead on, the plot is fun and the writing is top notch. These stories have humor, angst and passion. Oblique adds a ton of depth to our much beloved heroines, filling in gaps that you didn't even know were there. If you are at all of fan of Willow, Kennedy or of the Buffy genre then you don't want to pass on these stories. If you dont have a strong constitution dont read Lazarus. But it is my favorite story of the series. And it has spawned a new series The Damned.
Witness by The Rainbow Writers - Ok, the second W/O story to make it to this list. And this one isn't finished. And yeah I hate me for recommending an unfinished fic just as much as you do. But this story is really worth the wait. Set post season six when Willow is in England in a council sponsored magic recovery hospital trying to deal with Tara's death and her magic problems she meets an equally troubled but also powerful empath. I would read this story almost just for Ru, I really enjoy her character and watching the friendship and love grow slowly as they try to help each other is really sweet. A definitely different look on Willow's time in England and the scooby's reactions to Willow's trying to end the world this story is really not to be missed.