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Owner: Wolf

Opened: 4/15/2003

Version: 5.1

Title: Have Faith

Created: 1/6/2005

Wallpapers: 123

What's New

March 2, 2005

A gigantic update. I know I havn't updated in 6 months, life got in the way. But to make up for that I have a ton of goodies for you. Obviously of course is the site redesign. I hope you all like it, and find it a bit more convenient. Now for the stuff you care about,

A Contest Section including a fiction and a fanart contest. Check them out cause you can win cool prizes.

20 New walls including -
9 BtVS
5 Other (including Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly, Dark Angel)

New Caps including -
Renee O'Connor in One Weekend a Month
Lucy Lawless in Less than Perfect
Bring It On (focusing on Eliza Dushku)
Iyari Limon in Quintuplets and Without a Trace
Latter Days (focusing on Amber Benson)
Hush - Buffy ep 4x10
Selfless - Buffy ep 7x05

New Scans including-
Lucy Lawless(2)

The 2005 Calendars for Xena, Sci-fi and Fantasy, and Alyson Hannigan(some still in progress)

And as I sometimes get questions like, How do you do that? I started a tutorial section and added 3 new tutorials.

A major overhaul of the links section. Including removing all dead links(if your link is gone, and your site is still up, please contact me). Links will now be updated on a daily basis(since I no longer have to update the site each time I want to add a single link). Recent Links is not yet functional, look for that in a couple of weeks.

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