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Xena/Uber Reviews

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***Reviews or Blurbs that are in italics were not written by me. They were taken from the website they are posted on.

Banshees Honor by sHaYcH - A fantasy series along the lines of Mercedes Lackys books, This story follows a Healer Priestess and a Warrior who was branded as an Oathbreaker and a murderer as they try to overcome the evil King and restore the Banshee to Honor. Probably my favorite fantasy Uber of all time.

Buried Prejudices by Larisa(submitted by Tanya)- This story is about two women who find love. Shawna is a college student who is kidnapped and held hostage. When she manages to escape she meets Rico. Rico, an FBI director who takes her in and cares for her while she tries to find the man who kidnapped her. But as the danger starts to build and Rico gets captured while searching for him, Shawna has to become the rescuer. Can she do it? You got to read to find out ;o). A very entertaining read and a story I highly recommend.
Castaway by Advocate and Fanatic - A hysterical Xena uber parody of Survivor. Watch as Ryan and Shannon fight it out with with 14 others to survive the elements and each other to become the soul survivor and take home the 1 million dollar prize. Except when Ryan is really eccentric (crazy), Shannon is an undercover agent for the network and the Production crew is out to make life as hard as possible for all the castaways this isn't gonna be your usual game. Will Ryan and Shannon ever work it out? I guess you will have to read to find out. The site is also really well thought out and includes some bonus goodies.
Comic Book Life by Zee - Remy probably holds the record for the worlds longest crush. When she was 6 she fell in love, now as an adult her life through comics may just give her a shot at the object of her crush. That's if she can survive television production, midgets, and wondertits... um, just read the story.
Conqueror Series by LJ Maas - This isn't your usual conqueror story. When an older Xena who has conquered the world and is trying to settle down her darker side meets Gabrielle a former sex slave, the connection is instant, but can they manage to overcome their pasts and build a future? While there is the usual dark side of sex that is usually characterized in conqueror stories, you might be surprised by who is the dominant partner. The normal abuse that most conqueror stories have in abundance is notably absent as these stories are more about building trust then anything else. The Third story in this series was just finished be sure to check it out. It's a really great read.

Conspiracy of Swords by Shadowriter - What happens when an FBI agent and an ex-CIA assassin meet up and try to solve a conspiracy of murders that leads all the way back to WWII? A great adventure, some really hot romance and a really good time. One of the very first uber story's I read and still a favorite.

Darkness Falls by Melissa Good - The 8th book in the Journey of Soulmates series follows Xena and Gabrielle as they try overcome the fallout of the rift and regain their trust in each other. My favorite story in the series with a ton of angst but also a great look at regaining trust after betrayal and a more realistic and satisfying conclusion to the rift than the show provided.
Daughter of Egypt by Shadowriter - Daryl Bromley is an English orphan on the streets of Cairo, who is forced to steal to survive. After being caught with her hand in the wrong pocket, she is rescued by Ashayt Kemshet, an Egyptian who is more than she seems. Ashayt offers Daryl a proposition -- steal something for her, and she'll never have to go back to the streets. It's a deal that will not only change Daryl's life, but her entire perception of reality. While this gives the a general description of the story it doesn't go into how rich the characters are drawn out, how edge of the seat the action is, how sweet the characters are together or how thoroughly enjoyable the story is. So don't miss this one, or you will regret it.
Endgame by Meghan O'Brien - Delaney, a self-confessed cad and committment-phobe, meets a woman she shouldn't play. However, it's also the one woman she can't resist. This story gets one of my highest recommendations. It is truly heartwarming. A story not to be missed.
Exposure by TNovan, Tanya Muir and XWPFanatic - When a news reporter gets a new director who is a former tabloid camera lady, it's hate at first sight. Or is it? One of the funniest and sweetest stories I've ever read. You can follow Harper and Kelsey as they get into one adventure after another while building their relationship. Of course no story would be complete without some angst and it is definitely provided. Just a really fun read.
Galveston 1900: Swept Away by Linda Crist(review submitted by Gabs)- A great story set in the 1900's, about two very different women, Rachel and Mattie, who manage to find love during hard times. The story is on the angsty side, but the characters are sweet and well written. And it gives you a warm feeling to read about how they find each other and become close. As they deal with many obstacles including an abusive husband, you cheer along with them, and reading about how they triumph just puts a smile on your face. One of my favorite Ubers. Love it muchly - Go read ;-)
Hearts Passage by Cate Swanell - When Jo, a former mob assassin now turned captain of a charter yacht meets Cadie, wife to a US senator in Australia during a vacation - sparks fly. As Cadie and Jo are drawn closer together, Jo's past comes back to get her. Can they survive the flames of the past and the doubts of the future?

Into the Dark and Learning to Climb by Sharon Smith - When Rebecca, an entertainment reporter, is sent out to do an article on a drum player for a highly popular band - sparks fly. But Jordana has a dark past and an addiction to sex. Can they manage to overcome these obstacles and find happiness together? The two books in this series are very well written, showing things that aren't usually revealed in romance stories.

Lucifer Rising by Sharon Bowers - A reporter and a Former DEA agent turned drug dealer get together and adventure abounds and they find love and hardship trying to set the past right. Written by one of my all time favorite authors, this story is just not to be missed.
Modern Crusaders Book 1: Adeptus Major by PsiDraconis - This riveting story is a delightful blend of the fantastical with a down to earth romance. Part hurt/comfort, part adventure, this is one tale not to be missed. From the beginning, when Alleandre manages to save the life of the heir to the throne of Atlantis at the cost of grave injury to herself, this story just takes off for a whirlwind of a ride. As the two women are drawn closer, political issues and Alleandre's secrets threaten their growing relationship. It is well plotted and well written and it gets one of my highest recommendations.
No Ocean Deep by Cate Swanell - The sequel to Hearts Passage takes you through the continuing adventures of Jo and Cadie as they adjust to life together and apart. Add to that the upcoming trial of Jo's former mob boss and Cadie's insane ex-wife and plenty of family gatherings makes this story a fun and enjoyable read.
Place to Dance by Ali Vali (submitted by (kiwi)lessa)- This story appealed to me because it has an interesting twist in it. I found myself arguing with the computer as I read it because the twist took me by surprise. The main (UX)character - Jolly - is an architect and the (UG) character is ... well - now that would spoil the twist ;-). I've enjoyed reading most of Ali Vali's stories but this one stands out because it doesn't follow the usual UG meets UX plot.

Plan D by FlyBigD - Probably the funniest series I've ever read. These stories were written tongue in cheek and the best way I've been able to describe them is Classic/Uber. What if Xena and Gabrielle have been reincarnated with all their memories, life time after life time to present day? What if the Gods have stepped in and put them back in their original bodies? Well you will have to read to find out. Just be warned you should not be at work when you read them, because when you bust a gut laughing you get very weird looks.

Shaken, Stirred and Strained by K.G.MacGregor - When two people meet trapped and injured in a mall after an earthquake, an instant bond forms between them. With this series you follow them as the bond is built and forged into a strong relationship with all the pitfalls any relationship has along the way. Thoughtful and entertaining. A truly enjoyable trilogy.
The Billie/Cat "Commitment" Series by KD Bard - A fun and poignant series that gets better as it goes along. Follow the lives of Cat and Billy as they meet, fall in love and raise a family together. With all the ups and downs that creates.

The Gift by Meghan O'Brien - An erotic fairy tale, of sorts, about a warrior who is given a night with a body slave as a reward from the King she serves. While this story is chock full of yummy scenes it isn't your usual pwp. There is a plot here and also humor and a lot of heartwarming scenes. This is a pwp that is a step above the norm.

The Growing by Susanne Beck, T Novan, Okasha - In this post apocalyptic finished serial we are offered an interesting look on life after disaster, courage in the face of oppression and love conquering all. This story covers everything from American Indian culture to high tech robotics. In the very near future when androids are as common and as useful as cars, Kirsten King the Chairman for Robotics has always been skeptical of them. Proved right she and Veterinarian Dakota Rivers must team together along with a group of military and civilian volunteers to bring down the droids and make humans once again in charge of their own destinies.
The Irresistible Flame by DJWP - The description is An evil sorceress bent on revenge, steals Gabrielle's infant soul thereby altering Xena's fate.  Trapped in the future, Gabrielle is irresistably  drawn into a dream world where she meets the warlord Xena and is continually drawn back to aid her. But it is much more. One of the more interesting takes on General Xena fiction, I really enjoyed this story. Its very different then the usual X&G classic, and flirts with the darker side of drug use and family abuse. Yet it also manages to be hopeful and a good history lesson. Check it out, you won't regret it.