Chapter Seven

by Tam


“I’m hungry.”


The opportunity was simply too good to pass up. Without taking his eyes from the road, Spike sneered and grabbed his crotch.  “Eat me.”


“What? Ewwww!” Buffy’s faced scrunched in disgust. “You’re a total pig, Spike!”


He shrugged. “Hey, you’re the one that almost took a bloody chunk out of it earlier, slayer. Surely that little nibble satisfied the inner bitch for a while?”


“Stop being gross, Spike. I need food!” Her voice was rapidly degenerating into a high-pitched whine. “Real food!”


Between the constant bitching and the loud grumbling of her stomach, Spike was ready to rip her tits off and stuff them in his ears for a bit of peace and quiet. At this rate he’d be forced to drain her before they even got to the border just to retain a little bit of sanity.


They had to be stopping soon, anyway. He needed to find a place that would be willing to do a rush job in fixing the windshield. ‘Don’t fancy playing Renfield all the way Brazil,’ he thought, cursing his disgust as he spat out yet another june bug.


He fully intended on making her suffer for the damage she had inflicted on his ‘baby’. Spike glared at the remaining shards of what had once been the original windshield and then cast a baleful look at the slayer.


The cool night air rushed through the opening, whipping her disheveled hair around her thoroughly peeved face. Even being rather the worse for wear hygienically she was still a looker, but her beauty reminded him of an old saying; no matter how good a woman looks, someone, somewhere, is completely and utterly sick of her shit.


Spike had passed that point about three exits back.




The minute they stopped for the day, he was finding a hardware store and buying them out of duct tape. Maybe mummifying her from those dainty ankles up to her little beak of a nose would get him a few hours surcease from her incessant caterwauling. The image of her bound in silver tape and looking like a giant Slinky brought a smile to his face for the first time in hours.


Buffy stared at him with more than a trace of fear. “Are you humming the… Slinky song?” she asked, clearly horrified.


“Huh? Oh, yeah, I guess I am.” The maniacal grin was back.


She edged closer to the door, face turned firmly to the front once more. “Weird-assed vampire,” she muttered.


Spike let that pass, but kept up with the humming. One: because it annoyed her so much, and two: he knew she wouldn’t be able to resist for very long. Sure enough, he heard her faintly humming along with him in spite of herself.


It was good to get a little of his own back. Stupid bint shouldn’t ‘ve busted his radio.




He pulled to a stop in the parking lot of yet another seedy motel, this one close to the California/Arizona state line. It was conveniently located right next to a huge truck stop that seemed to be doing a roaring trade.


“Ooh! Food!” Buffy squealed. She was halfway out of the car before Spike caught her by the belt loops and hauled her back inside.


“Ah, ah, ahhh!” he chided, taking advantage of her surprise to tug her over the slick leather seat and onto his lap. He quickly subdued her thrashing arms and legs, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly in place. “Not so fast. Luv. The vampire eats first.”


Her jaw dropped. “Are you insane?” Buffy rolled her eyes at her own words. “What am I saying? Look who I’m talking to; of course you’re insane!”


“Come on, Slayer. Give us a sip and I’ll buy you a burger. And a big plate of those greasy fries you American’s love so much,” Spike coaxed. He brushed her hair back from her neck and leaned in to give her throat a quick nip.


Her squirming slowed at the mention of food and her tummy gave a mournful gurgle. “This is about that control thingie again, isn’t it? You taking my blood and making me all weak so you can keep me in line,” she protested.






“That’s just an added bonus. Truth is, I’m hungry enough to eat a few bikers with a side-order of big-haired waitress,” he threatened with the smile of a man who knew he held all the aces. In his case, all five of them.


Buffy slumped in his grasp. His threat was clear; either she complied or he would feed on the patrons of the diner. She was so screwed.


Wait! Not screwed! Her spine straightened with a snap. There would be no screwing here! Or anywhere, for that matter. No screwing of Buffy, especially not by Spike!


“Alright,” she conceded in defeat. “But I swear, Spike, that if I catch you so much as sniffing at the neck of anyone in that place, I’ll…”


“Yeah, yeah, you’ll stake me good ‘n proper, blah blah blah.  Heard it all before.” Spike wagged his head back and forth against the seat with each ‘blah’. “Whatever, it’s a deal. C’mere.”


He scooted into the middle of the seat and shifted her until she straddled his lap. A ragged gasp hissed through his clenched teeth as he pulled her snugly against him, her cleft scorching him through layers of denim as it cradled his rising erection.


Buffy slapped her hands down on his chest, more for balance than to restrain him. “What… What are you doing?”


“Settin’ the mood.  What the fuck does it look like?” he grunted when she tried to buck loose and crawl away from him.


“No! There will be no… no mood! Just bite me and get it over with, you pervert!” Big hands grabbed her butt and slammed her back down, holding her firmly in place. “Dammit, Spike! Quit!”


“Busload of tourists just pulled up, Slayer. You sure you want a hungry vamp runnin’ around here?” he demanded, tired of her constant prevaricating.


Seeing that there was indeed a big silver tour bus unloading across the parking lot, Buffy stilled, her expression mutinous. “Evil!” she spat.


“Never claimed I wasn’t, pet.” He drew her closer, nuzzling her soft skin. “Now. Shut. Up.”


Biting her lips to hold back a retort, she held herself stiff even as she allowed him free reign at her neck. In spite of her grim determination to remain aloof, a faint moan clawed at her throat as his blunt teeth worried at his earlier bite mark. Encouraged by the soft noises she made, Spike nipped his way up to her ear and drew the velvety lobe between his lips, sucking gently.


The kiss that followed seemed a natural progression, but both were stunned by the sparks of static that flared at the very first touch of their lips. They drew back sharply, eyes wide with shock, staring at each other for heart stopping seconds before drifting slowly back together and into another bone melting embrace.


Spike was astounded by his reaction to the warmth of her mouth. The taste of her was intoxicating and he found himself greedy for more as he met the tongue she plunged between his lips with his own.


Completely overwhelmed, Buffy gripped his biceps, her nails lightly scoring his flesh. His needy groans in response to her kisses were a sop to the ego that had suffered greatly during these past few months of forced celibacy with Angel.


As early as two days ago, the thought of the dark haired vampire would have had her leaping back in absolute horror at her actions. Instead, she thrust his image firmly to the back of her mind and threw herself headlong into the rapture that was Spike lips plundering hers.


The heat of her pussy riding up and down his stiff prick was driving him crazy. Spike was sure that the silver buttons of his fly were permanently embedded in his rigid flesh as she ground herself against him on the down stroke. Desperate for some relief, he reached down to rip open the fly of his jeans and free his throbbing erection. Buffy beat him to it, gasping into his panting mouth as he sprang into her waiting hands.


What she lacked in experience, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. One small hand gripped him tightly, her thumb swirling around the tip as she stroked him into a frenzy. Her other hand grabbed his and thrust it inside her knotted shirt. Spike mindlessly obeyed the painful tug on his hair when she broke the kiss and guided his mouth to her breast.


‘Gotta love a girl that knows what she likes,’ he thought as he palmed a perfect peach of a breast and curled his tongue around the needy little nipple, sucking it voraciously. The slayer arched and murmured a husky groan of approval on contact.


He fought to get a hand down her pants, but even unfastened they were far too tight. Growling in frustration, Spike knocked her hand from his cock and flipped her neatly, pinning her to the seat as he roughly stripped her jeans from her legs and laid her bare to him for the first time.


For an instant his muddled brain tried to reason with his raging libido. He held himself above her, gazing down in a welter of indecision at her flushed face and slumberous hazel eyes. Fucking the slayer had been in no way part of his plan, but he had been completely blindsided by the sudden conflagration that blazed between them.


“What’s wrong?” Buffy asked. His sudden hesitation unnerved her. She’d pretty much expected an immediate pouncing and ravishing kind of reaction from him, not this whole staring at her like she was some kind of celestial goddess thing.


He shook his head as if to clear it before his eyes drifted from her face down over her bare shoulders to the soft mounds of her breasts. His hand came up to touch, cool fingers lightly circling the pink nipple until it drew up taut and begging for more.


Buffy’s breath caught in her throat as she fell back against the aged leather of the seat, her entire body tensed in anticipation as his narrow hips nudged her thighs apart and he held himself still and hard at the entrance to her quivering body. Her restless hands swept up and over smooth alabaster skin and hard muscle to tangle in his hair.


Their eyes met unflinchingly. Seeing the calm acceptance in hers, he flexed his hips and surged into her pliant channel with one smooth stroke.


“Oh, fuck! Buffy…” Spike threw his head back with a harsh groan as he was surrounded by the succulent, fiery walls of her pussy.


“Yessssssss!” Buffy hissed in sibilant jubilation. She felt crammed full to bursting, dancing along a fine line between pleasure and pain and ooh God, it felt so gloriously wonderful. She tossed her head, driven nearly delirious with rapture as he began to thrust, his movements slow and hard and deep.


After so long of denying herself, of being forced to hold herself aloof from Angel, to finally allow herself the bliss of knowing another’s touch drove her to new and dizzying heights. She dug her nails into his back to urge him on, feeling delighted shivers course through her as a harsh growl ripped from his throat. Her hands clenched and kneaded, suddenly driven to cherish the dip and play of muscle that drove his hard flesh into her depths.


Spike’s free hand tangled in her hair, twisting the silky strands around his fingers and using them to guide her mouth to his. He kissed her voraciously, only allowing her to break free for some much needed air. He squeezed his eyes shut and rested his forehead to hers while she panted and filled her starved lungs. While he waited for her to catch her breath, his mouth rediscovered the warmth of her neck, forcing back a knowing smirk when lingering over pounding pulse points sent her shooting into blissful spasms.


Buffy curled her body around his, prodding him even closer with hands and heels, urging him to drive his cock even deeper until she had no idea where she left off and he began.


Slowing the churn of his body within hers, Spike reared back, his eyes flashing gold as he focused all of his of attention on the long, elegant line of her throat. A low, hungry growl resonated through his chest and his face shifted as the demon burst free.


Her reaction stunned him. Instead of the expected expression of disgust and small hands pushing him forcefully away, Buffy gave an all over shiver and clenched her knees tighter against his ribs. A soft, shuddering sigh escaped her as she tilted her head invitingly to the side, sparkling hazel eyes never leaving his.


He lowered his head a fraction at a time. At the first brush of his ridged forehead against the soft skin of her cheek, a fresh wave of her arousal slicked his cock and perfumed the air around them. His mouth unerringly found the pulsing line of her jugular and he traced it tauntingly, bathing it with his roughened tongue. Slowly, and with infinite care, he sank his fangs home.


The slight, stinging pain of his bite drew a high-pitched gasp and sent her careening over the edge. Buffy’s hips bucked upwards, urging him to quicken his pace while she drove her fingers into his hair and pressed him closer. Wailing his name, she rode out the crashing waves of bliss, barely conscious of the harsh, rumbling growls coming from the vampire at her throat.


Spike was lost. He was certain that his spine would buckle under the pressure as he purged himself inside her clenching sheath, wilting against her with a heartfelt groan.


Languishing in the aftermath, neither felt like summoning the strength to move. Spike kept his mouth fastened over the small wounds on her neck, lazily swashing his tongue over them, while Buffy unsheathed her claws from his hide and reached up to tenderly stroke his hair. When he finally lifted his head and started to shift himself off to the side, she clung to him like a limpet.


“Mmm…” she stretched and purred beneath him. “That was incredible, Spike.” She nuzzled his ear and latched onto his earlobe, sucking and nibbling. “Can we do that again?”


Cuddly, satiated Buffy was a mind-boggling novelty that had him swelling and stretching within her. Spike wanted to howl like a crazed wolf when she playfully clamped down on his length.


Things were just starting to get interesting again when they heard a crash from the front of the car and a deep, ominous snarl. There was just enough time for widened eyes to meet and a mad scramble for clothing before a huge, wrinkled demon appeared, staring down through the busted windshield at the nearly naked couple.