Tam's Fav Fics

These are just some of the many fics that I have totally fallen in love with.

I highly recommend them! More will be added as I have the time.

Please click on the authors names to go to their sites.

Enjoy! I know I did!


Taste of Juliet by Megan_Peta

Actually, I would urge anyone to read every last one of Megan's fics, but this one really touched me. It's the first Spuffy fic I ever read that made me cry. The second was 'Fly Me to the Moon' (see next rec LOL!) Not only is she a truly gifted writer, but a wonderful friend and an outstanding Beta. Her boundless confidence in my writing has made me a far better writer today than I ever dreamed of being!

Summary: Set during Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4.   Buffy’s evening takes a drastic turn when she discovers an extremely ill Spike, collapsed and half-starved on a stormy Sunnydale night. It isn’t until she promises to help him that she realizes that her life will never be the same. NC-17 COMPLETE

Fly Me to the Moon by Megan_Peta

Summary: Set during Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5.  AU After Crush.  Spike decides to return to LA with Drusilla after Buffy rejects him, leaving the Slayer bereft and sending Spike down a spiral of self-discovery that he's not the vampire he once was. NC-17 COMPLETE


The Garden Club Series by HollyDB

Yet another phenomenal author that I would urge people to dive into and devour everything she writes. This series and the Yellow Brick Road series are outstanding entertainment. While this one is a crossover with The West Wing, you don't need to know TWW to thoroughly enjoy the fic. I've seen maybe one episode of TWW and I was riveted from the get-go and panting for updates! I've learned more about American politics just from reading Holly than I ever learned in school LOL!

Grey Gardens of Shadowed Rapture - (NC-17 for language, violence, and sexual situations)  A rogue Slayer is on the run.  As the Scoobies follow leads that drag them further into the Old South, Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh Lyman is given an assignment to meet with an angry senator.  An assignment that will bring about the uncovering of a government cover-up, and lead to the unraveling of established realities. COMPLETE

Gardens of Crimson Roses - (NC-17 for language, violence, and sexual situations) Picks updirectly after 'Grey Gardens of Shadowed Rapture.' A key presented as a sister, a friend drowning in a vat of darkened magic, a country torn apart at the seams. Buffy Summers travels to Washington DC to inquire the assistance of President Bartlet as Glory grows stronger in Sunnydale. Meanwhile, after answering a call of duty, Willow finds herself journeying into darkened territory, spurned onto a move that will change her life—and cost the lives of others. PART ONE COMPLETE


Dreams and Desotos by Bloodshedbaby

My webmommy! LOL! I love this fic. And lucky me, I've even had the opportunity to Beta a few chapters *wink* Somewhat domesticated Spike, regular working girl Buffy, Bowling Night, and a nest of baby mice *SNERK* Come on...you know you want to lol!

Summary: A fic I wrote for Live Journal's Summer of Spike community July 26,2004.  A challenge request given to me by Maidenro asking for a fic where Buffy and Spike take off after the end of Becoming and don't come back, and this is what I came up with. SPOILERS: Season 2 RATING: NC-17 STATUS:   WIP

Stranded by Bloodshedbaby

Summary: Pre-Lover's walk. Will Spike and Buffy survive the plane crash the council arranges to kill them? Probably.  But will Buffy survive being stranded in the wilderness with a vampire that hates her? And what's Angel going to think of this?  SPOILERS:  Season 3 RATING: NC-17 STATUS:COMPLETE


License to Thrill by Spikesdeb

I'm a Bond fan from way back. (I blame my dad for making me watch every single Bond movie ever made.) The only thing better than a young Sean Connery (or an old Sean Connery for that matter!) is Spike! Mix the two and you get teh HOTTNESS of Deb's Spike Blond! *FANGIRL SWOON!*

Summary: (NC17) A "Bond Buffy" spoof.  A friend of mine loves Bond; I love Spike.  What could be more natural for our intrepid hero.  Started as a ficlet, ended up in 3 chapters and is now spawning sequels. COMPLETE

You Only Unlive Twice by Spikesdeb

Summary: (NC17) Sequel to "License to Thrill".  More Spike Blond adventures, but this time with the evil Faith in the mix. COMPLETE

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Spikesdeb

Summary: (NC17) The wedding’s over, the honeymoon’s started.  Back at headquarters, life goes on apace.   Will our two heroes get to lather each other up without interruptions, or is a superspy’s work never done? WIP


Acting the Part by Pattyanne

Any one of  Pattyanne's fics are well worth the time to read, and the list is deliciously long, but this one and Blue Eyed Devil just take my breath away! Even if you aren't an AU kinda gal (or guy!) Patty's characterizations of William St James and Spike Devlin are so vivid and lifelike that it's easy to fall in love with them. Both are WIP's and I wait breathlessly for updates.

Summary: Rating NC17  AU. Actor William St. James is appearing at a fan convention when he meets two beautiful girls. WIP

Blue Eyed Devil by Pattyanne

Summary: Rating NC-17 AU. Spike is an up and coming rock star. His band is called "Blue Eyed Devil". Buffy is a pre-school teacher, who meets him one night in a club where his band is singing. WIP


Rhapsody in Oil by Eurydice

What to say? This fic is by far one of the best I've ever read. Like all of her fics, it's exceptionally well written. Read this one, and then do yourself the huge favor of reading her other fics like Black Satin Voices and Promise of Frost. See? Even the titles are beautiful LOL!

Smmary ~ Rated NC-17 A mysterious painting, a Slayer looking for something just a little bit different from Sunnydale, and a horny vampire...what could possibly go wrong? Set Season 4 between Something Blue and Hush. - Complete

Black Satin Voices by Eurydice

Summary ~ Rated NC-17 When Willow is kidnapped by strangers with a mysterious agenda, Buffy is forced to chase after them to New Orleans, with a reluctant Spike along for the ride. Set S4-5. - Complete

Promise of Frost by Eurydice

Summary ~ Rated NC-17 When a snowstorm strands Buffy and Spike, they are forced to turn to each other for strength, especially when a missing Giles, mysterious visitors, and way too much magic threatens to turn it into a not so very merry Christmas. Set mid-S4. - Complete


Mastery by ComedyofErrors

Love this fic. Very well written with a fantastic plot! Take heed of her warnings if you're the least bit squeamish. The early chapters are extremely intense. No site as yet but can be found at The Bloodshedverse and Buffy/Spike Central.

Summary ~ Rated NC-17. My first fic for Spike/Buffy, this is the ever-popular Buffy gets vamped scenario.  Season 2, with Angelus as her sire, please do not expect her to have a happy existence.  The same can be said for the wheelchair-bound Spike. Spoilers for S2. Complete.


Lost in Time by Spikeskat

Talk about an epic! This fic has some of the hottest spuffy lovin's I've ever read, and bities bities bities!! Perfect for the obsessed dedicated bite whore like myself *grin*

Summary ~ Rated NC-17. Set During BtVS S.2 Halloween. Buffy and the gang "turn into" their Halloween costumes.  But, before Giles can break the spell, Ethan does something that has a profound affect on Buffy.  And, Spike is along for the ride. WIP


Homecoming by beanbeans

This one really got the waterworks going LOL I give it a ten on the 'Kleenex Scale'. Quite simply a beautiful piece of work with some outstanding artwork to compliment it.

Summary ~ Rated NC-17. AU After fourteen years, Buffy Summers returns home to reunite with her childhood best friend and first love, William "Spike" Price. Complete.



Origins and Origins: Revelations by Niamh

If I had my way, I'd duct tape this woman to her desk so that all she would be able to do it write LOL She's having trouble with her shoulder (I think) which makes it difficult for her to update as often as she would like, but every chapter is well worth the wait. Seriously, if you haven't read Origins and the sequel, you're missing out on one of the best writers in the fandom. She doesn't have a site yet, but her work can be found at The Bloodshedverse.

Summary ~ Rated NC-17 BtVS  Post Season 5.  Veers from Canon, but uses elements that were seemingly left discarded by the shows writers.