Down the Road I Go


Another Megan_Tam Collaboration.

Response to Schehrezade's challenge #112 at the Bloodshedverse.

Written for Bloodshedbaby's Birthday!

A Slayer. A vampire. A 1959 Desoto. Spike kidnaps Buffy and heads back to Brazil in a misguided attempt to appease Drusilla. What starts out as revenge turns into an experience neither will forget. If they don't kill each other first.

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Biting the 'Bot

Another smut-tacular collaboration between myself and Megan

Season 5's Intervention but seriously veers off canon *schnerk!*

A light-hearted and slightly smutty look at what the consequences might have been if Spike

had taken just a little nibble of the Buffybot!




Through The Looking Glass

A sequel to Challenge Fic #19 ~ Drink Me by spikeslovebite (Tam)

Sequel is a collaboration between myself and my wonderful Beta, Megan_Peta

~Ficlet ~


VERY NC-17!!