Icons by the talented Dasugraphics. Her fabulous work can be found HERE.



Becoming Undone

Response to Skybound's challenge # 102 at the Bloodshedverse.

Instead of leaving Buffy to fend for herself against Angelus and Acathla, Spike comes back to lend a hand and gets sent to hell in Angel's place. Riddled with guilt and plagued by dreams, Buffy becomes obsessed with making things right. Will she get her chance when a feral Spike is returned from hell, or will she get something... 'a whole lot better'?



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Down the Road I Go

Another Megan_Tam Collaboration.

Response to Schehrezade's challenge #112 at the Bloodshedverse.

Written for Bloodshedbaby's Birthday!

A Slayer. A vampire. A 1959 DeSoto. Spike kidnaps Buffy and heads back to Brazil in a misguided attempt to appease Drusilla. What starts out as revenge turns into an experience neither will forget. If they don't kill each other first.

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