Works in Progress

Dark Gift - (S/B) NC-17. Set during Buffy versus Dracula and then goes seriously AU after that! Buffy is missing and Spike is the only one who has noticed. Where is Buffy and why is Spike the only one who is worried? Will the peroxide vampire be able to find her before it's too late? What has happened to the Scoobies and will they save Xander before he really becomes Dracula's butt monkey?  WIP.
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Something Wicked This Way Comes - (S/B) NC-17. Post The Gift, Spike becomes dependent on Scooby care to make it through the night. Buffy is gone, the bot is absent. When it seems the Hellmouth is deprived completely of a protector, Giles and the Scoobies take matters into their own hands, and unleash their worst nightmare. WIP. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 

Tempus de Muto - (S/B) PG-13.  What would happen if Buffy finally opened her eyes and realised that everything she has dreamed of and hoped for was right in front of her? An epic post-Wrecked story of love, romance, action and derring do, with a hefty pinch of magic, death, betrayal of old friendships and loss. From Sunnyhell to London, then onto Europe for a surprising confrontation in the romantic city of Venice. WIP
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Every Little Bit Hurts - (S/B) NC-17. Post The Body - AU from here on. A Spuffy fic with more than a little angst to start off and a few twists and turns that you might not expect. Glory is around and still searching for her Key, but there have been some changes and things are about to get dangerous for Buffy and Spike as well as the rest of Sunnydale as a new player steps up to the plate. WIP. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Completed - Long fics

The Subtle Notes In-Between - (S/B) NC-17. Post NFA in which Buffy hears of Angel and Spike's confrontation in the alley against the minions of the Senior Partners and decides to go and get her vampire and take him back to Rome with her (Spike of course cos a Spuffy girl here!) After this seriously AU and very much for the Spuffiers at heart. There is Angel bashing and some really big surprises. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Epilogue

Regrets...I Had A Few - (S/B) NC-17. Set in Season Six in the first moments of Tabula Rasa then spins off into a very different world! What would happen if Teeth and his goons had actually 'dealt' with Spike? How would it effect Buffy and Sunnydale if our favorite Vamp was taken out of the equation? Warning: There is a main character death and the angst factor is high but I do like a happy ending. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Whispers of a Dream...Screams of a Nightmare - (S/B) R. Set between the events of The Real Me and The Replacement. A Spuffy fairytale with alot of familiar character from various fairytales. An evil Fairy makes her presence known on the Hellmouth with disastrous consequences for the teenagers of Sunnydale. When Dawn falls victim to her magicks the Scoobies come up with a risky plan that will take Spike and Buffy on a journey that will change their lives forever. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Epilogue

Welcome to the Hellmouth?  (S/B) R. Spike, a curse, a Slayer and a Hellmouth – what more could you ask for? Set in Season One and spinning off canon pretty much from the first word – Spike ends up in Sunnyhell alone and subject to the whims of The Powers – what can a vamp do? How will he fit in? Will he fit in? Does he want to? What will Angel’s reaction be to the presence of his Grandchilde let alone Buffy’s reaction to the peroxide pest? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Epilogue

Completed - Short fics

The Clavian Tryptich - (Spike-centric) NC-17. Three Spikecentric fics covering his journey into Europe with Dru and then onto Prague and what may have happened to Dru and culminating on a beach in South America with a strange meeting between Spike and a creepy woman. Please be warned this is not the Spike you maybe expecting, this first one is set pre the show starting and so he is very much with Dru and in love/lust with her and the following two are Spike/Dru orientated as well - final one has shades of Buffy in it though. COMPLETE. 1 2 3

Just One Look - (S/B) NC-17. Written for SpikesKat. Set during Lovers Walk - just after Buffy has left the mansion after splitting with Angel *whoot*! What if Spike wasn't driving out of Sunnydale but instead lurking around he knocked her out, and well chained Buffy up and things got freaky kinky? It's porn with loads of foreplay with a teeny bit of plot *grins* Warnings: Bondage, bitey and bloodplay.  1

Fists and Fangs - (S/B) R.  An AU version of "Fade Away." The last few seconds of the Showdown at the OK Corr-Alley with a Spuffy twist.  1

Second Chances - (S/B) NC-17. Post Chosen and Mid Angel Season 5 -- an epic PWP that may evolve into a series, depending on feedback! Buffy finds out her Champion has returned and goes to LA to retrieve him. She's done baking and her cookies are ready! Spike and Buffy return to England and their new life.  1

Moon Rising - (S/B) NC-17. Rewrite of New Moon Rising, written for the Spuffyverse.  Picks up from the eppie where Spike comes to the flat and offers to help the Scoobies get in to rescue Oz.  1

Into the Woods - (S/B) R. A Spuffyverse twist on the eppie picking up where Xander sends Buffy after Riley and someone sets in and helps her realise that maybe her initial instincts were right. 1

Valentine Olympics - NC-17. A four chapter fic set in the same universe as Cold Day in Hell. Buffy and Spike surprise each other for Valentine's Day. 1

Cold Day in Hell - NC-17. Spike arranges a Christmas surprise for Buffy after her mother's death, but gets a surprise of his own. 1 

You Won't See Me - (S/B) PG-13. From my research I discovered that The RubberSoul album dealt collectively, with love, life and relationships. So I decided to write about Buffy’s rejection of Spike in Season 6. I have incorporated the lyrics in You Won’t See Me into Spike’s thoughts in the fic.  "You Won't See Me, " recorded on November 11, 1965,and "I'm Looking Through You," by Paul were two songs relating his dissatisfaction with Jane Asher, his girlfriend at the time. When Paul suffered what he believed to be an indignity by the many unanswered phone calls to Jane, combined with other rejections, he wrote “You won’t See Me.”  1

Till the End of Time - (S/B) NC-17. Written for the Smutathon Ficathon for Haleythebat who wanted romance, comedy, snark, drunk Buffy, Buffy's bedroom at home and didn't want Angel or angst. A Season Seven fic. Be warned very Porny! Buffy and Spike are on patrol and Buffy gets a weird reaction to some demon slime and Spike has to look after her and there are some interesting consequences. 1

Out of Sight - A continuation of my fic Eye for An Eye. Spike and Buffy get a call from Willow and return to Sunnydale to help a certain Invisible Girl. Events progress and a new villain The Collector decides to add a few trophies to his collection. 1

An Eye for An Eye – (S/B) R. In which we have a very different Spike, who for once has a plan and is sticking to it. Who appears just when The Three attack Buffy and the fic spins off from there in a very different direction. Written for Twisted Spuffy community. Be warned there are two character deaths in this fic - other than that there is violence, strong language and dusty vamps - hope you enjoys! 1

Other Ficlets

In the Still of the Night - My first entry for the Watcher's Diaries is the Tale of a Slayer, Millicent Lane, set in the 1920s on the North Yorkshire moors culminating in a battle in the grounds of Whitby Abbey a place very close to my heart. 1

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - A companion fic to In the Still of the Night. In which all is revealled in the form of a report and a series of entries in Millie's diary. 1

Testament Series - A series of letter from Wes to various people. All the letters are written by our man during the final season of ATS. 1

Turn of A Card (Wes/OC) R - Post Graduation on BTVS and before Wesley arrives in Los Angles and meets up with Angel and Cordelia. A stolen pack of Enchanted Tarot cards, a tattooed hitchhiker in need of help and an Ex-Watcher on a bike. Wesley meets an unusual young woman who needs his help in recovering her stolen heritage. With explosive consequences.  1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5

The Tarot Ficlets: At the Sharp End, The Payment, The Harvest and A Few Stolen Moments (Wes/Fred and others) R.  Four ficlets written to title in with the Tarot Theme.  12/ 3/ 4

Just For Tonight (S/X) NC-17.  A one-shot fic set post "Chosen" when Spike is in LA being manipulated by Lindsey and he gets a blast from the past who may just save him from himself.  1