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NOTE: This is the MINI-Spikefeed. It's taken from a chat transcript, and doesn't read the way a full Spikefeed would. We post it to give an early indication of what the episode was like, from a Spike perspective.


The death scene.

Spike is caught in the amulet's power. He's laughing, clearly through pain but it's joyful. His skin begins to crumble, burnt from the inside, and he's still laughing as the flesh burns from his bones. The last we can see of his expression is a calm, peaceful smile, as though he's won through the pain to something beautiful, and then his flesh is gone, his bones begin to crumble. As the cavern collapses around him, the amulet's power burns bright blue, and he collapses into fiery dust.

Q. Did you like the episode?

I'm too biased to say. Well, I hated it.

Q. Was the episode any different from the spoiler script that has been circulating?

A. Almost exactly as written. Including the staring scene in the basement, although it was REALLY short. It was, like, two seconds long.

Q. Did Spike really get dusted? Was it eight seconds long, like some of the rumors say?

A. That was dusting. And no. It was short. But he went out smiling, laughing at fate. It's definitely a dusting, though. Bones and all. You can tell it's painful, but he's not going to give in to it.

Q. Does Buffy touch Spike's face in the basement scene? And does she look as if she has any feeling whatsoever on her face during this ep?

A. Yes. And yes.

Q. Does she cry during the crater scene?

A. Yes, she does.

Q. Does she look like she loves Spike at all?

A. She's got tears in her eyes when she looks at him the last time. Not actual tears-down-the-face, but they're in her eyes.

Q. I just don't buy that Angel is in love with Buffy after all this time, how did that scene come off?

A. It didn't come off as grand passion with Angel.

Q. Was Angel peeved (about Spike)?

A. I didn't get that sense, no. Maybe a little...sulky.

Q. When Giles asks "what did this?" does Buffy still answer "Spike"? And if yes, what is her expression like when she says it?

A. Yes, she does. And I couldn't figure her expression. Sort of wistful, maybe?

Q. Does Spike shed blood at the crater, or is it just the girls?

A. I think it's just the girls. I think he's bled over that thing enough.

Q. Is Anya cut in half?

A. Pretty much. The Bringer cuts from her shoulder down to her other hip.

Q. So the rumor about filmed unscripted scenes was just a rumor?

A. Apparently.




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