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These Our Actors

Dori, who writes the wonderful Spikefeeds featured in the episodes area of this site, has written an official BTVS Tie-In Novel.

Please support her and the group by buying her book. If you've ever read a Spikefeed, you'll know that it will be a great read!! These Our Actors

Barnes and Noble: These Our Actors, Vol. 14

Cover of Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy - by Candace HavensJossography

Just what we've all been waiting for ... Joss on Joss!

Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy

Possibly the finest book of the century; It's exactly like A Tale of Two Cities, but with 30% more me. - Joss Whedon

Candace Havens, the author of Joss Whedon, conducts countless interviews with Whedon, his cast, crew and associates, even his college professor. What emerges is a picture of a man who is kindhearted but fiercely protective, low-key but intense, generous but deeply controlling.

While the biography is unauthorized, Whedon provided corrections and comments on the manuscript.

Trade paperback, 184 pages, innovative design, black and white photos throughout. Includes bibliography and index.

All copies ordered from BenBella Books are autographed by the author (unless otherwise requested). Publication date is May 2003. Shipping begins April 2003. We get 15% commission on any sales through BenBella Books. They charge $15.95 a copy, which includes free shipping.

The book (presumably unsigned) is also available from at $11.17 plus shipping: Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy (We get about 5% commission from orders)

BlackStar Video and DVD

You can see all the BlackStar Buffy and Angel videos and DVDs here. As they're based in the UK, they get the DVD releases well before North America (as at January 2002, the US are just getting Buffy Season 1 on DVD, where the UK and Australia have Seasons 1-3 and Angel Season 1). I've used them regularly for several years and they've always been very reliable. Items shipped internationally generally arrive in under a week.

They also now stock the Buffy Collectors' CD Cardz

We get 5% of the value of your orders forever if you register at BlackStar after following a link from our site.

Featured Items (Note: these are PAL format - DVD Region 2):



Spike 2003 calendarNEW! All!Spike!All!The!Time Calendars for 2004

Cedco, the firm that produced the all-Spike calendar for 2003 (pictured), have once again kindly offered us their special deal for TabRas members and friends. This time, though, it's not just the Spike calendar that we can get for $8.50 (instead of the usual $12), but the Angel and Buffy calendars and the Buffy Student Planner as well.

The 2003 calendars are great quality, as many of our members and moderators can attest! The 2004 calendars will ship from mid-July, so order now to be among the first to get yours! Shipping rates are a flat $4.95 per order within the US.

You will need to follow these instructions to order your calendar(s)

1. Open the Cedco homepage, and click the link on the right that reads "Click here to enter a VIP code."

2. Once the VIP code page has opened, enter the numbers 5001, click Submit.
You'll then get a confirmation page that says you have ordered four items, all at $8.50 each: the 2004 Spike wall calendar, the 2004 Angel wall calendar, the 2004 Buffy wall calendar, and the 2004 Buffy student planner.
Don't Panic!

3. Lots of text on that page will explain the rest of the procedure, which is to go to the Shopping Cart and adjust the Quantity for each item. Subtract items you don't want, add extras of the items you do want (so if all you want are 10 Spike calendars, go to the Shopping Cart and set Spike to 10 and the other items to 0).
Any of the four items you keep will be $8.50 each (instead of the usual $12 for a single item).
As an extra special deal, if you keep all four items (the three calendars plus the planner) Cedco will add in a free Buffy "big sticker book" (which usually costs $8.95 by itself) at no charge.

We at TabRas don't make any money from this deal. Please spread the word, but we ask that you do it by spreading the link to this page rather than the VIP code itself, so that we can keep track of how many people are coming to the page!
Here's the direct link:


Things from Another World

We earn 7% on purchase from TfAW. They sell comics, action figures, t-shirts etc.

Some quick links:

Glittery Spike T-shirts!

Yes really - studded with Swarovski Crystals! They have 3 basic Buffyverse styles -- Spike, Buffy and Angel. The pictures are gorgeous (and glittery) and they are on special at very significant savings

UPDATE! They have added some rather fabulous new BtVS/AtS styles:

There's also an 'Angel Mystified' shirt (but it might appeal more to the B/Aers than to us - just sayin'


(we give you the choice of your preferred online bookstore)



and on CD...


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