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About the Site — The Complete Buffy Episode Guide
About the Webmasters / Site

About the Webmaster

First off: I am Jamie Marie. I am not Brian or Will (actually, I don't even know them). Brian and Will were the old site maintainers, and they originated the site. This is why many of the episodes (Season One, Season Two, and the first nine episodes of Season Three) feature comments by Brian and Will. "The Wish" was the last episode they did before they decided they had to get on with reality and let the site go. Myself and my former co-webmaster, Jeremy, contacted them asking how they would feel about turning the site over to us (this was December 1998). Even though they didn't know us, they handed everything over and let us take over. So when you have questions or comments about the content of an episode with comments by Brian and Will, just keep in mind that we didn't write it. Don't necessarily refrain from contacting me about those episodes, just know that you aren't talking to Brian and Will, so you may not want to bother with direct questions or comments to THEM (such as, "Why didn't you like my favorite episode," etc.).

So anyway, I'm Jamie Marie, and I do... everything. All of the actual writing and updating of all the site's contents, including the episode guide, all other sections and updates, all technical dealings, all email reading/replying, etc. When you get a little impatient for site updates or email responses, just keep in mind that I'm human, and there's only one of me. doh I'm a 26-year-old Californian. I love going to the movies, and also enjoy music, TV, reading, yada yada (I'm an indoor girl). Besides Buffy and Angel, I also watch Alias, Joan of Arcadia, Scrubs, The Sopranos, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. And for the seriously-guilty-pleasure category, I love General Hospital. I like a variety of music, but my favorites include Barenaked Ladies, Save Ferris, Semisonic, Offspring, Matchbox Twenty, Poe, and... well, some others. If you ever visit Southern California, check out my favorite radio station, KROQ, 106.7 FM. I spend way more time working on this site than I probably should, and... well, I suppose that's all you really need to know. It's interesting how these types of pages make people sound much less complicated than they really are, isn't it? (Oh, and in case you've not figured it out yet, I'm a girl. I realize that "Jamie" can be either/or, but "Marie" generally isn't.) You can contact me here.


Elliot helps me with episode guides and such, and is our third episode reviewer (beginning with "Into the Woods"). (He's also my husband!) I thought it was about time to share his ever amusing comments with the rest of the world. He's also likely to provide an enjoyably cynical view of some episodes. Beware of wacky spelling and word usage — he's British. You can send him an email at . Visit his site at

Soupytwist took over as my second episode reviewer when Jeremy quit writing reviews. You can read her episode reviews beginning with "Fool For Love." Check out her forum profile here, or send her an email at .

Jeremy is the former co-webmaster of the site. In late 2000, he cut himself back to just working on technical stuff, and in early 2001, he resigned completely.

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About the Site
• This site is currently hosted on two powerful dedicated servers at (Since I reached the point where I just couldn't afford, my initial dedicated host, any longer.) By the way, I still wholeheartedly recommend my old shared hosting company, FutureQuest — you won't find a better web host. I would never have left if I hadn't needed a dedicated server.

• Statistics and demographics: As of this writing (February 2003), currently gets about 720,000 unique visits per month, over 4 million page views per month, and generates over 150 Gigabytes of bandwidth per month. In January 2002, we posted a demographic survey for our visitors. You can view the results here.

• All outgoing links in this site (links that take you to other sites, rather than to other pages on this site) will open in a new window, sometimes reusing the same new window. This way you can easily return to where you were at in the original window.
• This site is best viewed at a resolution of at least 800 by 600 (1024 by 768 or higher if you have a monitor that's 17" or larger). Not sure how to check or change that? Many of you will see a little monitor icon in your system tray (the area at the bottom right of your monitor, near the clock and some other little icons). If you double click or right click that, you'll probably be able to view and change your resolution. If none of this seems to apply to you, you should be able to find directions by going to Start, choosing Help, and searching for "resolution." This will tell you how to check and change your settings. (Note that it's not just our site that looks better at 800 by 600 or more — the great majority of sites are designed with that resolution — or higher — in mind. Also note that the above directions apply to Windows systems. For Macintosh: If you have a slide-out toolbar on your desktop, it should have the screen resolution options on the menu whose icon is a black and white pixelated screen. If you don't, go to Control Panels, go to Monitor (& Sound), and the screen resolution can be changed there. — Thanks to Stacy for these directions.)

• This site is also best viewed at as many colors as possible. We tried to make it look decent for those of you who can't get more than 256 colors, but most of you can and should. Somewhere in the same menu where you check your resolution, you should be able to check and change your color — we recommend at least 16 bit (also called High Color). Again, this will probably make most sites look a lot better, not just ours.

• Some pages of this site utilize Javascript, so your experience will be more complete if you have it enabled. If you have a newer browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher), it's probably enabled by default, unless you or someone else who uses your computer changed it. You can check and change this in your Preferences (Netscape) or Internet Options (Explorer).

• This site is updated often, so you may benefit from optimizing your cache (temporary internet files) settings. You're probably best off setting it to compare "once per session" (Netscape), or "every time you start Internet Explorer" (Explorer). This way, you still greatly benefit from your cache, but you're less likely to be viewing outdated pages. (We've got a complete explanation of what the settings mean and how to check and change them here.) If you're looking at a page that you think should have newer content (for example, the last episode in the Episode List is "Doomed," or the last date in the News page is March 20), then you're probably viewing an outdated page out of your cache. Hit your browser's "Refresh" or "Reload" button, and you'll get the newest update of the page. Then go check your settings. ;-)

• This site was originated by Brian J. Zino and Will Zagoren. It was taken over in January of 1999 by Jamie Marie and Jeremy. Jeremy quit in early 2001, and Jamie Marie now maintains the entire site singlehandedly. (See the section above for info on Jamie). All original content (including design, source code, original images, and page contents) is copyrighted by the aforementioned unless otherwise stated.

• Screen caps are captured with the ATI's All in Wonder 128 Pro. HTML is written by hand, using Macromedia's Homesite 5. Scanned images are scanned with the Hewlett Packard's ScanJet 5300C.

• The javascript for the pop-ups on the main page (called overLIB) is free and available here, and the search script (the Xavatoria Search Engine) is also free and available here.

• This site runs with mod_gzip, an Apache module which compresses dynamic and static content on the fly, thus saving a large amount of bandwidth and allowing visitors whose browsers accept compressed content to load pages more quickly. The module is free and easy to configure; it's available here. (I used this tutorial when installing it.)

• Check out the Credits page to see credits and acknowledgments.

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