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FAQ — The Complete Buffy Episode Guide
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Please note that I do NOT work on or write for BtVS or Angel. No one from the cast or crew of either show will read these messages, nor do I have any contact with them whatsoever. I am just a fan. Please see the FAQ for information on contacting people who are actually involved with the show.

PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) FIRST — even if you're not technically asking a question, you may still find it useful. If the answer isn't quite satisfactory, please let me know that so I don't just refer you back there.

• Please check the site for what you're looking for, and consider searching the site. In many cases, the information you're after (or reporting) is here somewhere.

• You may also find the forums useful, especially The Watcher's Diary (the general discussion forum). If you have a question about Buffy, you may get quicker (and more) responses there.

• If you do not have an email account, you will need to contact me via the Help Forum.

• Please try to be as clear as possible, especially if asking a question. If I can't understand what you mean, I can't answer you correctly.

After you've read the FAQ, please choose the most appropriate option below so that I may better communicate with you:

Please note that while I do try to answer email promptly, it does sometimes take a while to respond, and some emails do go unanswered. (This is a good reason why it's worth a moment of your time to check/search the site and check the FAQ.) If it's been a couple of weeks and you're still waiting for a response, feel free to give me a reminder.


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