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angel index
- Character Bios
Background info, vital statistics and quotes of each of the Angel characters. A work in progress!

- Dancin Queen
A little section on Faith and her dancing ways.

- Angel Evil's
Info on the evil characters to be featured in Angel

- Angel Featured Episodes
Bored? Want to watch an Angel ep but can't decide which one? Then look here for our featured episodes!

- Classic Angel Moments
A collection of classic Season one Angel moments.

- Love Story
Buffy and Angel's love story as summed up by Cordy and Wes.

- Angel Quiz
Test your knowledge if you're bored!

- Cordelia-isms
Some great Cordelia lines.

- Ode to Skip
An ode to one of my fav characters, Skip.

- Stiff upper lip
A rant about the portrayal of English characters in Ats and Btvs

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