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buffy index
- Character Bios
Background info, vital statistics and quotes of each of the Buffy characters. A work in progress!

- Cryin Shame
Buffy likes to cry... a lot!

- Btvs Evil's
Info on the evil characters to be featured in BTVS... there's a lot!!

- Painstakingly thought-out puns
The Slayer loves her's puns when dusting a vamp or two!

- Hey hey goodlooking
Buffy and Angel at their best.

- Oh how I hate that farm boy
I hate Riley so if you love him then don't go to this page!

- Betrayal
A nice big rant about the betrayal of the slayer in season 7.

- Btvs Featured Episodes
Bored? Want to watch a Buffy ep but can't decide which one? Then look here for our featured episodes!

- The B/A Enemy
There's always enemies to a relationship and this section is about Buffy and Angel's.

- Top 30 Btvs episodes
My all time top 30 episodes. Go watch them all!

- Quizzes
Test your knowledge if you're bored!

- Reasons for loving season one
Ooooh I love season 1!!

- Coupledom
Info on some of the couples featured in the program.

- Reasons for the S4 episode "Who are you"
Just a few reasons for why its one of my fav episodes!

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