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Welcome to the newly moved and revamped Lost In Spike Awards.


6-28-06 More nominees added. Also when you nominate please make sure to include the http:// in your link. Thanks!!! =)

6-27-06 I have added the slew of nominees I had waiting in my inbox. Don't forget nominating ends this Friday June 30th so if you have read something recently and want to nominate it get it in!!! If you nominated something and do not see it here either you didn't follow the rules correctly or I didn't get it. Please make sure when nominating to follow all the rules!!! =)

5-07-06 I have added a ton of nominees that were waiting patiently in my in box. If you nominated something and do not see it here please let me know! (lsawards@gmail.com) Also remember this round is running a bit longer and nominating will last until 6-30-06 so please lets get the word out and get some more nominating going on. =)

4-15-06 Round 9 is officially over! Winners can be found HERE. Please make sure to email me and let me know you picked up your awards. Congrats to everyone. Also Monday, April 17 begins Round 10 so let's get some nominating going. I'm making the next couple of rounds a little bit longer because of my pregnancy and the impending birth of my child =) and that means you guys can nominate more people lol!! Let's get going! Our New layout is courtesy of Oracle Holly who entered the Best Banner Challenge category. Thank you Holly I love this layout!!

3-24-06 The last of the nominees have been added and this closes the 9th Round of the Lost in Spike Awards. Check back on 4-16-06 to see who the winners are! In the meantime you can start nominating for Round 10. Congrats and best of luck to everyone!!!! =)

3-13-06 I have updated the site with a slew of nominees for ound 9. Judging begins MArch 24 so let's get some more nominees in. Also when nominating in the BEST SPIKE WITH OTHER, BEST UNCONVENTIONAL COUPLE and BEST CROSSOVER WITH ANOTHER FANDOM please make sure to specify who the couple is and what fandom in the comments section of the nominate form. It's very frustrating for me to go hunting for correct links and information. This will help me greatly. Thanks guys!!

2-13-06 Updated Round 9 with a ton of new nominees. Best of luck to everyone! There's more time so if you have read a fic recently and think it deserves an award nominate it here!!

1-14-06 Round 8 has now concluded!! You can see the winners HERE! And the awards HERE. Congratulations to everyone. Please don't forget to drop me an email to let me know that you have picked up your award! Also check out the new layout. The wonderful ladies who run Banner_Grab a new Live Journal Community made our new banner. Thank you ladies.

12-10-05 Judging for Round 8 has started!! Check back on January 15th to see the winners. I have extended our judging by a week to accomodate for the holidays. You can nominate for Round 9. Please make sure to read ALL THE RULES. Some have been revised and changed. I need all the rules followed or else I can not add your nominees. Happy Holidays to everyone!!! =)

12-04-05 I have again added all the nominees that I have received in my inbox. If you do not see a nominee you have sent me then I either didn't get it or the rules were not followed. Please email me and let me know. lsawards@gmail.com. Nominations conclude on December 9th and judging starts on the 10th. So if you want to get some more nominees in please have them in by the 8th. =)

11-06-05 Ok all the nominees have been added that were in my inbox. If you nominated something and DO NOT see it here then there are two reasons for that. 1. You didn't follow the rules and I was unable to add your nomination. 2. You nominated while my form was down and I didn't get it. Either way you can re-add your nomination. But please READ THE RULES! I hate not adding some noms cuz the rules weren't read.

10-16-05 For some reason my nominate form wasn't working...why didn't someone say something? LoL! Well it's all fixed now so if you nommed in the last couple of days please re nom cuz I didn't get anything!!! I was a sad sad Barb!!

10-9-05 Round 8 has begun TODAY!! So let's get some nominating going. I give you a new layout as well as some new categories. Best Angst, Best Time Travel, Best ATS Crossover, Best Uncoventional Couple, Best Drabble and Best Role Reversal. Please got to the Categories section and read up on what these entail. I can't wait to see what is nommed this round!! Also I have a 20 nominee cut off for each category. It got pretty hairy last round so whatever is nommed after will go towards the next round. Please see the rules for further explaining.

10-9-05 The scores have been tallied, the awards have been made and I am proud to announce that Round 7 is officially over!! Winners are announced HERE. and you can pick up your awards HERE. If you didn't win this round don't worry and please nom again. I really enjoyed all the new authors and fics this round!! I want to thank Bloodshedbaby and Spikeskat for their awesomely wonderful work on the award bases. Thank you ladies, you guys are spectacular!!! :: hugs ::

9-12-05 I have added the last of the nominees for this round. We are now closed to Nominations. All Noms will be added to the next round. Judging will start on Friday and Run and awards handed out on 10-9. Best of luck to everyone!! We have a record number of nominees this round YAY!!

8-28-05 Added a ton of new nominees. The new form seems to be going great! If you nominated something and don't see it here please let me know. Also please make sure you send me working links. I had gotten a few that were not the right links. The rules must be followed!! A lot of my noms I wanted to add but couldn't because the rules were not followed!!! Rules are a must guys!! Don't just scroll down to see what you have to put in the read rules box. Make sure you read them. They aren't there to make your life harder I promise!

8-19-05 Tons of new nominees as well as a new nomination form. Bloodshedbaby was wonderful and made us a new nomination form. Much easier!! Opens into its own window as well so the main site will still be there. If you nominated something and don't see it here please let me know!!

7-26-05 More updates guys. Please when nominating make sure you give me the correct email and site link. I have been having to hunt for them and while I dont mind for a few it becomes a huge pain in the ass when its for almost all. Thanks guys!!

7-16-05 Major Update guys. I also added when this round will end and when the winners will be announced. If you nominated and do not see the nominee here please nominate again. Thanks guys!!!

5-29-05 Alright guys the Winners have been posted along with the awards for round 6!! YAY! Congrats to everyone who won and those who didn't win don't worry about it. Come back and nominate again!! This was such a fun round. We were soo very glad to see some new and exciting authors and fics! You guys rock!! Nominating starts today so hey let's get some nominating done! Ok so I had a total brain fart and put Round 5 on all the awards instead of round 6 . I will change them but give me a little time school is insane right now.

5-01-05 JUDGING STARTS TODAY!!! I have added the last of the nominees in my inbox and we are now closed for nominating. Please check back on the 21st for the winners!!

4-16-05 I had added a ton of nominees. Please make sure your links are correct. Also I guess I forgot to tell you. We will no longer be hosting a Reader's Choice category. Last round it got completely out of control and I will not go through that again. So alas no Reader's Choice. Im sorry guys. Unless any of you can come up with a site that has a poll deal that I can use that will NOT LET ANYONE vote more then once then Im afraid this category will never be again here at the LSA. Oh and Remember...Nominating stops as of May 1!! So want to see more fics nommed then get them up here!! =)

4-2-05 Added some more nominees. I couldnt add a couple because the rules were not read so please guys RULES are very important. I dont have them for no reason. Would love some more noms. And WELCOME to all our new judges!! So glad to have you aboard!!!!

3-26-05 Ok a rash of new noms have been added. If you nommed something and don't see it here I didnt get it. Stupid Aol (Kicks AOL) So resend. I have all mail going to my spiffy new Gmail acct. Oh and RULES...please please please follow rules. I had two noms with no idea whether or not they read the rules and honestly the only reason I added them was cuz they were nominating someone else. So please follow the rules!! I will not add them next time. Also Im looking for a couple new judges. Sound interesting? Email me. Jerzeyanjel

3-6-05 Round 5 winners have been posted. Congratulations to everyone !!! Nominations for Round 6 have begun!! Look at Winners Here and pick up awards Here

2-21-05 Wow I didnt realize it but we are now officially one year old. Happy Birthday to the Lost In Spike Awards!!! New site layout to celebrate!! Judging is going great!! Check back on 3-6 for the winners!!!

2-13-05 The rest of the nominees have been added. Good luck to everyone!!! Don't forget to vote for your Reader's Choice and also you can start nominating for Round 6. Check back at the end of the month for results!!!

1-28-05 WOW had a ton of nominees in my in box. We are up to over 100 nomiees. WOW I think thats a first for my humble little site!! Ive also added some new nominee buttons that the wonderful BittenAndStaked made for us. Thanks hun!! Judging starts on Feb 14 so lets get some more in!! Woot!

1-17-05 More nominees have been added. Thanks to all those who have been faithfully nominating!! It means a lot to me!!

1-15-05 Ive added some more nominees. YAY! I changed the links a bit and added a home button per KittyKat's request. See I told ya I would do it. =) Anyone lookin to affiliate please email me!!!!

1-05-05 OK I have added all the pages except the affiliates page. I will be adding the nominees later this week. I made a new nomination form and if it gives you guys any trouble let me know and I will re-do it. It's working fine for me. So let's start some more nominating!!

1-03-05 Yay new pages are being created and the site is coming along nice. Will be adding the nominees and everything today. I have a ton! Thanks to all those who have been nominating. It's been greatly appreciated!!