Slayage 13-14 October 2004


David Lavery and Rhonda V. Wilcox, Co-Editors

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Lorna Jowett (University College, Northampton),  New Men: "Playing the Sensitive Lad" (from Sex and the Slayer, forthcoming from Wesleyan U P) | PDF Version

Giada Da Ros (University of Trento), When, Where, and How Much is Buffy a Soap Opera? | PDF Version

Laura Diehl  (Rutgers University), Why Drusilla is More Interesting Than Buffy | PDF Version

Judith Tabron (Hofstra University), Girl on Girl Politics: Willow/Tara and New Approaches to Media Fandom | PDF Version

David Lavery (Middle Tennessee State University), “I Wrote My Thesis on You": Buffy Studies as an Academic Cult | PDF Version

James South (Marquette University), On the Philosophical Consistency of Season 7 | PDF Version

Sue Turnbull (LaTrobe University), "Not Just Another Buffy Paper”: Towards an Aesthetics of Television | PDF Version

Brett Rogers and Walter Scheidel (Stanford University),   Driving Stakes, Driving Cars: California Car Culture, Sex, and Identity in BtVS | PDF Version

Greg Erickson (Brooklyn Conservatory of Music), Revisiting Buffy’s (A)Theology: Religion: “Freaky” or just “A Bunch of Men Who Died” | PDF Version
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Recommended. Here and in each issue of Slayage the editors will recommend or note writing on BtVS available on the Internet.

Yael Sherman. "Tracing the Carnival Spirit in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Feminist Reworkings of the Grotesque." thirdpsace 3/2 (March 2004): 89-107 (print):

Cynthia Fuchs, "Mopey Season" (review of Season Six DVD of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). PopMatters

___. "Forever" (review of the final episode of Angel). PopMatters