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The site was created in a mixture of Dreamweaver 3 and pure HTML. I use Dreamweaver 3 incorporated with Fireworks. The photogalleries are created seamlessly using these two packages.
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All manipulated graphics, buttons, text and icons and the art on the index page were created in photoshop.
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In addition to Photoshop, I use styles from the Photoshop One Click Wow book and CD.
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The screen captures in the Angel / Spike / Chance galleries were done with Power DVD 5.
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My Betas are Adsum and Betagoddess; my co-reviewer for the book reviews is Cerisaye

Bio: jenny started writing slash fiction a couple of years ago. She is older than the maturity of her work might suggest. She works in a hush-hush government job, and is outwardly quite respectable. She is currently working on her first non-fanfic novel.