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Links - In no particular order. I will check this list every month and remove dead URLs.

The first site I discovered on the web and still one of my favourites. Click tutorials, then photocreative tutorials. There's a wide variety of techniques and tutorials, with less emphasis on text effects as there is with some sites.

http://myjanee.home.insightbb.com/tutorials.htm This is such a great site. Very user-friendly and some lovely tutorials. It a good reminder that with photoshop there is always more than one way to achieve the same thing. She shows some of the things I've shown, but using different techniques.
http://www.photoshoproadmap.com/photoshop-tutorials-tips/text-effects.html This site has some excellent text effects. Some of the tutorials just link back to other sites such as digital-creativity. I've done the fire text and ice text ones and they worked really well.
http://www.shadyside.net/index.pl This isn't a photoshop site, but a site with free photographs. It's just great to look at the if you want to do montages can give you some ideas.
http://www.cognitivedistortion.com/ A visually stunning site of images.
http://www.psmeg.co.uk/index.php This is one of those sites where you feel humble that someone is giving you all this for free. The tutorials are incredible and cover everything from basic tool functions to advanced art. Wonderful, wonderful site.
http://www.absolutecross.com/tutorials/photoshop/ This is site where you can feel the use of photoshop in the very design. If you want to make really cool webpage interfaces, this is the site for you.
http://rainworld.com/psworkshop/ There are 744 photoshop tutorials on this site. Wow. Some of them were down when I checked for this list.
http://www.deepspaceweb.com/modules.php?name=Sections Useful site because it has a lot of basic tutorials as well as more difficult ones like the lightning one in the icon.
http://user.fundy.net/morris/redirect.html?404.html How can a website look this good? It just wraps around you and makes you want to stay there. This is a seriously cool photoshop tutorial site. Try the tutorial on selection secrets... it's got animation and some incredible tips.
http://www.teamphotoshop.com/photoshop/tutorials/ps_tut.php Do you sometimes wish you could be cloned so you could have more time? This site has so much on from basic tips to shortcuts to complex information of file formats and animations. It would take you a long time to work through all this, but well worth the effort.
http://www.eyeball-design.com/fxzone/frames02.htm Scroll half way down the page to find these incredible tutorials. Again, a site specialising in web interface buttons.
http://www.dreaminfinity.com/ If a website ever sold someone's skill and artistic ability, then it's this one. Just go there and look.
http://www.eyesondesign.net/pshop/tuts.htm Gorgeous site with a great new Matrix text tutorial.
http://www.eyewire.com/tips/photoshop/ More tutorials for photomanipulation and fewer on text. Some very good techniques.
http://geda-online.com/tutorials.htm Nine nice tutorials in a nice looking site.
http://www.arraich.com/intro.htm I guess if you have time for only one site, this could be it. It's got all the basics for ps 7 tools and lots of tutorials. Very professional advice.
http://members.core.com/~nieling/marthas.htm This is a site that lists tutorial sites. There are hundreds listed. One or two were not there when I tried them, but I think most of them are. An incredible resource to work through

Some useful technical tutorials like working with large files. Mainly designed for Mac users, but useful for everyone.

http://www.digitalretouch.org/ A site mainly advertising and selling the book, but some very useful additional information too
http://www.elated.com/tutorials/graphics/photoshop/ Tutorials divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced
http://www.sketchpad.net/photoshp.htm A few useful tutorials
http://www.photoshoptechniques.com/main/defaulth.php A friendly, community supported site dedicated to helping users of all skill levels get the most out of Adobe Photoshop (their words, not mine... beautiful looking site)
http://www.planetphotoshop.com/tutorials_effects.html Lots and lots of tutorials in a nice crips site
http://www.retouchpro.com/tutorials/index.html Almost no text effect. This is the site for photo manipulation. Lots of interesting tutorials. Well worth a look.
http://photoshopgurus.info/beginners/ps-blend_modes.shtml Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tutorials.
http://graphicssoft.about.com/library/weekly/aa000607b.htm Just one tutorial on removing the background, but different techniques to achieve the same effect explained
http://www.tutorialhunt.com/default2.asp?tree=8 67 pages of links. I can't guarantee all the sites are up, but most are.

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